By Tommy Tucci

QE1 QE2 Value Wealth Labor, Property, and Assets Theft Deception 

Philadelphia, PA,,,,,,,,,,,,Updated "Dollar Plunges As Everyone Now Figures Return of Quantitative Easing Is A Done Deal"  Posted by Business Insider.  

Sovereign States do not operate free market capitalism with corrupt systemic private bank barons charging interest on worthless fiat paper schemes, fraudulent mortgage conveyance, or QE-1 QE-2 monetizing debt by private gangbanksters.  QE2 second installment Reverse Pyramid sham or conduit for instantaneous confiscation of Value, Wealth, Labor, Property and Assets part two deception.  WORLD FINANCIAL SYSTEM NOT SUSTAINABLE. "The U.S. financial system and the world has evolved on the Bank of England model is not sustainable. It creates nearly all money as debt. Such money only exists as long as someone is willing and able to pay interest on it. It disappears, wholly or partially, in recurring financial crises. Such a system requires that new debt must be created faster than principal and interest payments fall due on old debt ." Posted by John H. Hobson.

Exposing the striking parallel that America is not a free market sovereign state. Sovereign States do not operate free market capitalism with corrupt systemic private bank barons charging interest on worthless fiat paper schemes, fraudulent mortgage conveyance or QE-1 QE-2 monetizing debt by private gang banksters. What Reverse Pyramid and deception?  Reverse Pyramid is a centuries old pyramid scam turned 180 degrees enabling the instantaneous theft of labor property and assets as opposed to the slow many decades Federal Reserve Laws c.1913.  The deception that the increase of QE2 trillions of debt will eventually be paid by the taxpayers. Fundamentally, this is a ruse operated by ivy league economists and cavalier academics three-tenths of 1 percent of the worlds population the 'overrepresented highest achievers of excellence.  Federal Reserve's Mr Bernanke titular head of banking and finance control the autonomous monopoly private banking system in the U.S.  Grade school arithmetic versus highest achievers, Nobel prize winners, PhD mathematicians, computer engineers, and application designers.  Grade school basic math 0x2=0, 0-2=0, 0+2=0 versus QE1 0x2=0 and QE 2 0+2=0.  Hardly representing algorithm or logarithm analysis or results of cryptic mathematical equations.   

Value Wealth Labor Property Assets    

"All Wealth is the Product of Labor"-John Locke c.1654.. Let's repeat, all wealth is the product of labor.  Working people through their labor create all wealth.  Wealth is then confiscated by the century old Federal Reserve cartel at the zenith of pyramid scams in the U. S.  Federal Reserve private banking barons repeat and imitate original pyramid scam that began in England c.1654 by King Charles 11 The Secret History of Government Debt [Treasury Bonds].  the theft of labor value and wealth through the conduit of absolute control on interest rates, taxes, contracts, prices, monetizing debt, rigged markets, printing fiat, and worthless paper Treasury Bills.   

  Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made

The current trajectory of manufactured QE 1 QE 2 economic, financial, and global implosion using imaginary taxpayer burden can be summarized as follows: the theft of $1 trillion dollar pyramid scam, would have had to commence confiscation of labor and property at $1 million daily soon after Rome was founded and continue for 2,738 years until today. The formula for $1 trillion scam equals $1 million theft of labor and property daily for thousands of years into the future.  Then it should be no surprise that if the current manufactured debt is 65 trillion crony Wall Street and Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing has to confiscate and steal 65 million per day.  Creating debt that can never be paid, that has no recourse, by the sheer force of natures laws and the negative exponential mathematical consequences. Confiscations and theft that cannot be sustained over time and inevitably doomed to collapse.  

The manufactured outcome of all value and wealth created by 310 million citizenry of the U.S. and confiscated by gangbanksters, operating above the U.S. Constitution, will be accelerated into abject poverty, destruction, misery, disease, famine, and death.

Burden Obligations Onus of High Achievement 

Presented here are historic facts of masking ivy league high percentile achievements in every category and every subject matter of theft and lazy intellect versus grade school math and wealth creation by citizenry labors. Outrageous and corrupt reasoning 'Too Big To Fail' forced on global citizenry to perpetuate and shadow the theft and confiscation of wealth.  Americas self anointed highest achievers ignore omit and disconnect from all challenges their required transparency and highest obligations. 

"In other words reverse logic by omissions, or calculated reverse psychological disconnect in every publication, high office, military, and the halls of power that totally negates, and ignores the onus, obligations,  burdens, spirit, values, transparency, and accountability that high achievement and excellence demands." "Recent Wall Street Scam Artists Supreme"Posted by 21st Century Reverse Pyramid Scheme . 

Too Big To Failan ivy league excuse to propagate corrupt wars against peace humanity and a phony rigged financial system or the perpetuation of 'Magic of Compound Interest.' Michael Hudson writes "The Insanity of the Big bank Job 700 Billion Dollar Giveaway"  paragraph; "The very first course in economics –starting in high school, followed up in college and then refined in graduate school – should explain to students why it is false to believe the advertisement that Wall Street has been trying to sell for the past half century: The deceptive promise that an economy can get rich off the mathematical “magic of compound interest.”  Posted by Michael Hudson.

Flaws Failure and Extreme Gross Under Achievement

  The Korean crisis

The top rank of percentile achievements is unaccountable by it's actions and speaks alone to; the lack of humanity, self dignity, intellect, spirit, and values is adversely impacting the U S economy, capitalism, war, peace, destruction of civilization, crimes against humanity, genocide, and war against peace and war against humanity c.2010.  America the country that continues to shadow its extreme grade school lazy intellect percentile of leadership accomplishments is on the cusp of demise and collapse.  You will never read historic unfettered recorded history in any academic or published articles in America.  Bureaucratic apparatus and cavalier academic deceptions in America refuse and ignore all acknowledgment of recorded historical facts, unless they have clearance for the American imprint of conspiracy crazies, Christmas underpants terrorists and  'Hate Speech" distractions.   Confirming the zenith of cavalier academia's and corrupt bureaucratic apparatus absolute focus on illusions of reverse victim industry formula and artificial American exceptional ism c.2010. 

Ignoring Omitting Theft Confiscation of Value Wealth

The pious narratives and sanctimonious subject matter calculated to confuse and conflict American spirit and values from c.1776.  The daily perpetuation of American illusions of fear superiority and power 'Beacon and Light to the World.'  Conversely, the responsibility zenith of superiority achievement and excellence in the first decade of the 21st Century so far have resulted in total blackout of historical factual events including; polarization of masses of global citizenry, perpetuating hatred,  demise cusp of collapse, antiquated militaristic policy, destruction of civilizations, greed and lust for other nations natural resources, genocides, war against  humanity, war against peace, eviscerating capitalism, free markets, eliminating opportunity for its citizenry, quantitative easing QE! QE2 theft of labor property assets wealth, creation of parasitic health and pension plans, environmental and ecological catastrophe, phony gas house tax laws, and absolute control of taxes, contracts, free markets, and interest rates of its financial and economic systems.

Consequently, in the past 40 years the United States has gone from being the largest creditor nation to becoming the largest debtor nation under the leadership of three-tenths of 1 percent of the world’s population the 'overrepresented highest achievers of excellence.'

Summary High Percentile Achievement and Excellence

  Government by the Banks for the Banks

It is not unreasonable to conclude that the U. S. is a failed state operated by criminal crime organizations and proud admitted victims and documented failures. Operates financial and banking debt hoaxes, frauds, rigged markets, deceptions, deflections, and disconnects to the detriment of the very citizenry they took an oath of office to serve and protect 'We the People.'  A corrupt government apparatus and criminal gang banksters prying into every single aspect of life, just waiting for a reason to confiscate everything citizenry have worked so hard to attain! Phony over represented high achiever and excellence status confirms the dysfunctional American Exceptional ism c.2010.  Dysfunction methodology that cannot be disputed or argued in any forum by any individual, entity, Nation, or government. 

This is not an unreasonable conclusion in light of the repeated failures; political, social, cultural, spirit, and values of lazy intellect grade school under performers, and underachiever failures repeated over and over.  Therefore, America ignores, omits, negates, conflicts, and refuses acknowledgment of recorded history time, places, and events thereby perpetuates the sanctimonious view to the world that all specific and recorded history and events have no validity is minimized and rendered irrelevant.  The high achievement and excellence deception and distraction spin as outlined in the above published books, articles, and journals is the precise psychological dynamic used in perpetuating racist, national, religious, culture, ethnic divide rule methodology of artificial superiority merit, and religious delusions.  "Goodbye America" Posted by Occidental Observer.

There is no recourse to collapse and manufactured self inflicted implosion of American Imperialism and theft of its citizenry wealth assets and property.                                                               

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