By Jacy Andrew Many new marketers are planning their strategy with a broader approach to use, trying to generate online traffic for their businesses through free ads. Methods such as free ads can literally last years and some can last a life time. Any time a person hear the word free (especially when it is all in CAPS!) one can’t help it but would wonder what the catch is or what sort of scam is coming his or her way. Is the service being given free because they will charge he or she with an unrelated processing fee, there is always a play of alarming thoughts hovering in one’s mind and that is when an excellent content can clear the fogging confusion in a person’s mind. Hence if you are thinking to start a business with the right leverage and you feel that you’ve outdone most of the challenges, then you probably might want to think again and all your dreams for your business will go unnoticed as long as it is not properly advertised. In business, people need to know what sort of business you are in and the quality of products and services you offer. It is only then that you will see some customer base getting built up. Now, the next important question is do you have enough money to promote your business? Remember, promoting a business can be done in many ways depending on the availability of fund that has been allocated for this purpose. However, if you don’t have sufficient funds for promoting your business, you may have bit of trouble. Don’t worry; it may not lead to sleepless nights as you have something known as Post Free Classifieds ads to bail you out. You may take help of local classifieds or for that matter any classifieds to promote your products and services. It not only provides you with a free or a low cost (remember not ever classifieds are free) mechanism of advertising but also gives maximum exposure to your advertisement. Newspaper v/s Internet classifieds: Newspapers are constrained to a particular zone and anything that is given in the classifieds are also restricted to that particular area, thus setting a limit for you and not allowing you to reach out to people on the other side of the fence. This is not at all positive for you as it may hamper your business. At times, you see the business you are in and the level of services you are offering is given more worth by consumers of another city/state. However, due to logistical constraints, the newspaper that has charged you to advertise your services don’t reach out to the prospects may leave you in a high and dry situation. In such cases, advertisements via internet is sought to cater your requirements. There are no set boundaries for internet browsing and your free classified can be easily viewed by consumers sitting in any part of the world. This increases your connectivity and also the chance to magnify your business manifolds. And Internet has many free classified options for publishing classifieds too and has the capability to display it to million users which has made free classifieds a blessing for many new businesses. [author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]This post contributed by Jacy Andrew, an advertise blogger. She love to blog about classified ads[/author_info] [/author] Disclaimer: The views expressed here are of the author and not necessarily of the editorial board of Opinion Maker