By Dr Shahid Qureshi

General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani

The announcement of the extension of the Pakistani Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani by the Prime Minister Yousaf Gillani at 10.45 pm in a televised address raises more questions than the answers. It sounds like the quite and sharp former spy master General Kiyani managed to spot the ‘moles’ and uncovered the conspiracy to destroy the army as an institution?

The announcement seems sign of defeat from the alien rulers of Pakistan to the current army chief? But the most concerning question for General Kiyani himself should be, are these corrupt alien foreign backed rulers and so called politicians taking armed forces of Pakistan for a ride? While they are making billions with fake degrees while poor low paid brave soldiers are dying day and night. These disgraced politicians will not send their sons to the front line in Pakistan but do send them to London and Washington for holidays and studies. Prince Charles sent his sons Prince William and Prince Harry to the front in Afghanistan. When British Queen stands up with her family, she is surrounded by her husband, sons, daughter and grand sons in army, navy and air force uniforms who have served in the conflicts abroad.

How many times President Zardari, Prime Minister Gillani and Nawaz Sharif visited the troops on the front line since they took over? They have been to Dubai, London and Washington more times then bothering to visit injured soldiers in near by hospitals or families of the soldiers died in action.

Historically it was/is the politicians who have used the armed forces of Pakistan to fulfil their ‘psychopathic’ desires to rule people of Pakistan like invaders and occupiers.

Lord Ahmad was telling his encounter with Nawaz Sharif at a seminar in the House of Lords: “Nawaz Sharif declined to see me when I wanted to discuss Gilgit, Baltistan and Kashmir issues. He said, ‘my wife is not well’. He (Nawaz Sharif) had time to have long lunch and meeting with Indian actor Dev Anand in London”.

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An estate agent located in Central London is allegedly providing ‘money laundering’ facilities to politicians and corrupt

Asif Ali Zardari

elite to buy multi million pounds properties. He is reportedly a close relative of a Senator and minister in Zardari’s regime in Pakistan.

Some Pakistani politicians don’t show ownership with the Pakistan Armed Forces or ISI and other institutions and talk in a way as if they are talking about some enemy institutions. These are real blackmailers who are ‘sleeping with the enemies’.

The whole lot Rehman Malik, Hussain Haqani, his ‘minder’ wife Farah Naz Isphani, Wajid Shamsulhassan, Babar Awan and others are seems to be working on foreign agenda:

1-      Bankrupt Pakistan and economically cripple the economy

2-      Finances are handed over to IMF

3-      Destroy the Armed Forces of Pakistan from inside

4-      Make ISI a homeopathic institution.

5-      Rehman Malik has already ‘leased’ the interior ministry

6-      Transit Trade Agreement to facilitate India and further destabilise Pakistan

7-      Railways are being systematically destroyed by the current regime

8-      All the above fulfil both Indian and US desires

Nawaz Sharif

Railway tracks are considered as veins in a body and trains are like blood which keeps the body and country healthy. Who would destroy such an important part of the body? A British expert said in seminar few months ago, “countries in Middle East should start fast rail links to improve people to people contact for strategic reasons”.

I wrote following on 29th May 2010, in an article: “Protecting Pak Nukes: Zardari to De-Nuke, De-Rail & Defenceless Pakistan”, to warn about how Railways trains closures will affect the security of the country and reduce movement of people. Now Pakistan Railways have shut down 6 trains following international agenda.

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“The ANP lead Railway minister and Zardari regime are deliberately destructing Pakistan Railways to break links between the provinces. Rail travel is the cheapest and fastest mean of transport for the people as well as businesses, industry and defence of the state. Zardari regime is De-tracking Pakistan Railways by shutting down rail routes. Why?”

I received following response to the above matter from a very senior London based analyst:  Thanks Dr Shahid Qureshi. It’s a wake up call for Pakistan’s sleeping majority:

“A Stealth Plan that would effectively disconnect the various districts, divisions and provinces of Pakistan. The railway minister has proved smarter than he ever appeared to be. He is using his railway portfolio for removing some key railway links and thereby let the country disintegrate by itself.

With a funny security situation on both its eastern and north-western frontiers, the random closing down of various rail routes can be lethal for the country’s defence. But does anybody care?

The republic has a supreme commander whose sole concern is to take cover under the immunity provisions of the constitution so he is not asked to explain the hefty deposits he holds outside the country.

There is a prime minister too; he has his spiritual roots in the historically Batini belt of South Punjab, so no one knows

Yousaf Raza Gilani

where does he really stand on key strategic issues.

There is of course a serving army chief; opaque and sphinx-like, he is zealously engaged in fighting a greater ‘jihad’ in defence of Obamacracy. Pakistan has been told that it doesn’t deserve the luxury of a modern armed force but training, money and equipment is promised, if it converts its standing army into anti-insurgency militia and puts it at the service of Pentagon. No one is thinking of the boots any more.

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That left a Supreme Court of last resort; it is presided over by a brave and upright chief justice who along with his fellow judges does try to take note of any political, financial and constitutional impropriety but the court has no real powers to enforce its decisions.

Pakistan seems to have mutated into a nation of robber barons and indolent bourgeoisie with little space for the traditional proletariat. On the face of it, it’s very much a revolutionary situation and while there is a degree of wish fullness about an inevitable revolution the more likely imperative is an implosion that might sweep aside the good and the bad and the fence sitters too. Who then needs an efficient and running railway system?”

The alien and corrupt rulers of Pakistan have no idea about national interests of the state. They seem to be on short camping holiday with minimum luggage with American Express credit cards for shopping and travellers cheques for hiring local agents.

People of Pakistan are wondering what was it which forced the Armed Forces of Pakistan to issue a press release on the issue of alien government’s negotiations with the USA on Kerry-Lugar Bill?

Overseas Pakistanis send approximately $8Billions to Pakistan every year on the other hand so called US aid promised is petty $1.5 Billion a year. It is really not difficult for overseas Pakistanis to give another $1.5 billion to say thank you to USA ?

But it will not be possible until corrupt, compromised and self certified ‘demented’ insane man is in power.

Zardari is lucky as long as he has a certificate of Pure Insanity, Presidential Immunity and Pretty Hillary up his sleeves… but not for long.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is writer on foreign policy & security based in London)

Courtesy The London Post