By Sethi Mushtaq

Comparing man with a woman is like trying to equate the table with a chair or queuing  up a Horse,Donkey,Zebra,goat and a sheep in one one line and counting them as same…

In my opinion, both man and woman undoubtedly have their own distinct features and good or bad quality’s. If taken from a religious or natures point of view.The creator must have had a purpose in mind for having created two separate genders, possessing physiologically different features and yet at the same time ensuring they complement each other in many ways, in their own useful and meaningful manner.

Realistically speaking neither can snatch away or reverse the usefulness of their God gifted quality’s,ability’s and the purpose. Nor,can they become superior to the other in their own departments, as best designed for and blessed by their creator.Also no,community or society can ever be able to grow in the absence of either of them.!

I feel these categorization, such as women’s rights,children’s right ,gay’s right etc, in fact apparently are promoting and creating a divide and discrimination, more then bonding the society as a whole! Why are we bent upon discriminating men and women or for that matter various other human beings in the society?.

Wouldn’t it be more logical and sensible, if we thought on the terms and  basis of humanity,justice and merit only and directed our efforts collectively to wipe out the oppression and injustice, perpetrated by the rich against the poor and the strong against the weak and so on forth ?…Because, oppression,injustice and nepotism, victimization in the society, as a whole are not restricted to any specific gender,be it a man,woman or children, all are equally affected by it.

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The planning could be done on merit basis,why does it have to be discriminated on gender basis ? If the society is to be progressed and developed on the basis of equality and justice ,then merit should be criteria,no discriminatory concessions should then be allowed to be given,based on any other consideration.Be it man.woman,child gay or straight,black or white etc.

Lets promote human rights with equal opportunity’s, based purely on merit and justice for all without any preferential treatment or special privileges for the fair ones, such as “Ladies First” or separate ques,reserved travel space in public transport and last but not least same relief and punishments for crimes committed and  breaking the law.For example why should the men only be hung at the gallows when awarded a capital punishment ?. This is the only way the lopsidedness or the imbalance within the society can be marginalized.

My debate,here is not about who is more burdened and certainly not which of the two gender is superior then the other.It is simply to provoke a thought that discrimination leads to a division and more of a in-fight ensues within the society.Raising the question of who is getting more rights and who less.Thus in a nutshell,if we were to concentrate on rights and responsibility purely on a humanitarian grounds,it could well enough result in possibly ending this clash of the genders.

If one feels equal to the other in rights and desires same level of opportunity without any discrimination.Then in all fairness one must be entitled and prepared to receive the same treatment and not preferential ! You cannot be asked to be treated as Ladies first and then in the same breath say we are equal !

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As far as oppression and and the deprivation is concerned.Believe me there are criminals,cruel,oppressive and corrupt in both the genders.The females are no exception as far as immorality and crime matter.Had it not been a ground reality, then in every society there wouldn’t have been women prisoner’s serving sentences in jails for crimes as heinous no less compared probably committed by the opposite sex:)

Conclusion: The Feminist Movement coaxing is to a certain degree agitating women and adding to more frictions and broadening the gap between the two genders.Now,it is more of a demanding relation then of a adjusting and compromising between them.Possibly resulting in soured relations and more broken family’s ? The love and affection appears to be dwindling and sort of visibly converting into a competition?And, rebellious attitudes…In all fairness they are made for each other and both meant to complement one another 🙂

…Just my observation and opinion,without sounding prejudiced to either of the sex.I could be wrong,entirely.