By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Editor:  Warning:  Video unfit for viewing, racist disinformation propaganda, genuinely objectionable material.

“How can a pro-Zionist message be inside what is presented as an Antisemitic video?  Welcome to the world of “game theory warfare.”

The smell is there, like a phony bin Laden tape, like the mysterious Wikileaks “sensitivity” to Israel, like the takeover of Wikipedia, like the firing of Helen Thomas.  Welcome to “game theory warfare,” welcome to the information age.  For years, America’s minorities have been exploited by hate mongers of all kinds.  At times, the hate was real, America has a racist and Antisemitic history.

Video clips are pieced together from around the world, the amateur appearance and “homemade” aspect quickly fades.  The video itself looks more like a political commercial. Continuity and structure show the work of a professional production staff.

Recent hate has been aimed, even carefully crafted, to point at Islam, to point at our southern border, America’s Hispanic population, and the reason has been, not one of genuine social discord, but one of political and economic domination.  Americans taught fear and hate are ready for war.

America is being pre-stated for a war on Iran, one only possible if divisions within our society are exploited, are carefully tended to.


Long before 9/11, the war on Islam began, not only in the news, but movies and television.  Tens of millions were spent to make certain that when an American saw someone of Middle Eastern descent, they immediately became afraid.  The media, or as Helen Thomas calls it, the “controlled media,” had much experience at this.  It had long labeled all African Americans as violent, as lazy as inhuman, unhuman.  Hispanics had been carefully depicted as gang members, continually filling the news with stories of stolen jobs, threats of “taking over” half of America through “overbreeding.”

Every American child is raised on this message like mothers milk.

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When it came time for Muslims, representing nearly a third of the world’s population, people of every race and nationality to be vilified, the media machine went into full production.  Movies and TV shows began to flood the market, always the same themes, cartoonish “cardboard cutout” terrorists, vicious and hateful.

America was being pre-staged for a race war by those in control of the media.  Muslims, people the majority of Americans only meet when they see their doctor, had been recreated, not just as an enemy, but as an alien face requiring extermination. Who would want this?

We all know the result, millions dead, America dead too.  Who gained?  Who controls the media?


Yesterday, a video hit www.youtube.com.  It was represented a an Antisemitic video made and posted by “white supremacist” teenagers.  This was not the case.  The production is slick, professional, a studio job.  The message, a sentence or two mentioning Jews followed by an unrelenting attack on America’s minority “non-Jewish” population.  One sentence, using the objectionable phrase, “Jew inspired race war” is quickly forgotten followed by a litany of attacks carefully and cleverly designed to play a political game.  The video is a clear attack on the president and an attempt to destroy the United States, an attempt carefully timed to coincide with Tea Party candidates taking office, many of whom are both decidedly “unfriendly” to all minorities and unusually silent on issues of war, all foreign affairs and preventing war on Iran.

There is no attack on Jews, not a mention of war crimes in Gaza, no mention of spying or the USS Liberty.  If extremist groups inside Israel, those who work to manipulate public opinion in the United States would have made a video, this is it.  All the “hot button” and “third rail” issues are carefully avoided, the message itself is childish, stupid, at least when pointed at Israel.

The attacks on African Americans in particular, the race of the now “too independent” president, Barak Obama, the president pushing for an end of apartheid in Israel, those attacks are relentless.

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We can tell one thing, if the Anti Defamation League thought this video didn’t belong on YouTube, it wouldn’t be there.  It clearly violates every rule, every “Term of Service” and should have disappeared.  It has not, now that I write this, however, I expect embarrassment alone will take care of this.

We know groups, in Israel, monitor even individual websites,individual Wikipedia pages, 24 hours a day.

We can also tell by who the video serves.  There is only the slightest mention of “Jews” but in no real context and with no message. The idea that Jews are, somehow, orchestrating America’s minorities is insane, not credible to even the most ignorant and debased.  Jews in America who have long supported humanitarian causes, who head the majority of our charities, have no history of every calling for race conflict, far from it.


There was never a major Nazi movement in America, not since the 1930s when veterans groups joined with Fascist and racist organizations behind, not so much Hitler as Mussolini.  Naziism, conservative politics and big business has a history in America, one that ended decades ago.

The militia movement of the 1980s was not Nazi.  The militia movement had racist aspects but was started, as was the Tea Party, as a movement to restore constitutional rights in America.  Both movements were hijacked, infiltrated and destroyed, turned into something unrecognizable.  What neither are nor ever were is “Nazi.”

Americans by the hundreds of thousands, not that long ago, died fighting Nazis.  Nobody has forgotten this, not any more than Jews forget the holocaust.

There is no group, no symbol that Americans hate more.  Then why are we seeing this so much?  Do these groups really exist, groups seen once or twice a year with a dozen clowns marching somewhere, now we are being told there are millions of them?  This doesn’t add up, if it doesn’t add up, then it isn’t true.  Who profits by convincing people that America has a huge Nazi/White Supremacist movement?

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Is some group profiting by this, making money out of scaring people?  What people would be frightened of Nazis?


Only watch if you have a strong stomach.  You will need it.  Hate is a powerful tool, we are watching it destroy the world every day, destroy the world and make billions in profit for some.

The real appeal is broad, race hate is at the heart of the anti-immigration movement and a significant wing of the “Tea Party” movement.  It has always been the driving force behind “neo-conservatism.”  Race hate is also the defining characteristic of Christian Zionism and the ultra-nationalist Likudists who now control the government of Israel, and not through anything resembling a legal election.  Israel’s elections are more crooked than Americas, and we all know how bad those are.

Copies of this video have been made and submitted for analysis.  We have seen all this before, and we know where the money comes from.  The underlying message here isn’t race hate, its hate for America.  The force behind this isn’t any American force although the lowest and most despicable of America’s society will be the supporters.

This is another chessboard move, “game theory warfare.”

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensiveexperience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic officer of UN humanitarian groups. Gordon Duff’s articles are published around the world and translated into a number of languages. He is regularly on TV and radio, a popular and sometimes controversial guest. He is a regular contributor to Opinion Maker