991 as Galaxy Computers.   It was the time when curiosity to
learn about computers was growing slowly and  gradually in Pakistan.   It was also a fact that availability of good quality computer products was  also a problem because vendors were also gathering information about computers along with the users.

The main  purpose behind  the establishment of  Galaxy Computers was to  educate masses
about computers and to  provide them necessary quality  hardware. As a matter of fact, since
first day of the establishment we tried our level best to provide genuine and quality products to
our customers. Galaxy Computers never compromised on quality to make  profits.  This is the
only reason that today, Galaxy Computers is ranked among the Top Resellers all over Pakistan with its Karachi and Lahore Outlets.

Keeping in view the need of  time,  we always strived to introduce the  latest  products.  As a matter of  fact  Galaxy Computers is  not only  the top  ranked  retailer  but  we are also  the
distributor for the products which are considered to be unique in there kind and difficult to get. Due to the availability of  such products  it is made  possible for a  common person to use and facilitate himself with the latest inventions.

Not only in Pakistan but also abroad users get  themselves  updated by using our website. Our Website is updated daily and it contains not only the prices of the products but also useful links and configurations by which it’s easier for the customers to choose the right product.

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With respect to Product Distribution, Galaxy computer is very popular among the dealers across Pakistan. Specially in gaming and graphic  products the  dealers emphasize on using the world famous brands for graphic cards and memories which we import. US Robotics does not require any introduction when it comes to networking products  and as a  distributor for  US Robotics, Galaxy Computers has made possible for common person as well as in corporate to have easy data connectivity.

After sales service is a key factor for any computer user and  without a quality service even a
good product leaves a bad impression. In this field we always tried our best to satisfy our user
and it’s only because of our quality after sales service that the number of satisfied customers of Galaxy Computers is increasing day by day.

We use different means to communicate with our valued customers, suppliers and well wishers which includes email, phone and fax. On contact page all the details are listed through which we can be contacted.