After a long time, I watched movie in a cinema, “Cineplex Centaurus, Islamabad“.

Gabbar is back 🙂

I rate this movie 8 out of 10. Recommend you to watch this movie. I think except one song, it’s family movie. ” Kundi na kharka Raja, Seedah Andar Ay raja”.

This movie give message to the world that how this corporate world is cheating with people and generating money. The real picture behind today’s millionaire and billionaire people.

Akshay Kumar acted as Gabbar. And he presented his role marvelously. Kareena Kapoor also depict after intermission. She was Akshay wife but lost her life in an incident. And after that Akshay life changed 360 degree. He decided to take revenge from corporate world. He killed corrupt bureaucrats.