This is hot debate especially on media now a days. Some goofs are claiming that MQM days are counted now but these people are barking from a long time and nothing happened with Pakistan’s third largest political party. They are trying to threatening Altaf Hussain from his disloyal worker Mustafa Kamal and some of his unpopular supporter who are trying to indulge Muttahida Qaumi Movement with India.

Why some people are so afraid from MQM?

MQM is political identity and almost 98% accept this reality, while the remaining portion who consistently propagating a false propaganda against Altaf Hussain who is leading the party from last three decades, failed to achieve their targets. A question will definitely arise in every sensible person, why these opponent hates Altaf Hussain on a such scale, now demanding minus Altaf.

There are so many genuine reasons behind this, i will try my best to list it down.

He is committed to his work. Altaf Hussain stance on many issues are very clear especially on Terrorism, Qadaniya’s, Taliban and DEASH. He proved once his team got a chance to work in Musharraf reign when Karachi was flourishing with fast pace.

He belongs to lower middle class family. Feudal and rich capitalist doesn’t wants such a reign which will ruled by its own real people. So they oppose him wholeheartedly and always try to defame his personality by binding ties with RAW ( An Indian Spy Agency ). This truth is unacceptable for them in any case, so they crossed all limits while criticising AH wronged.

He is Urdu speaking so how they can accept him as a leader because he is not a son of this soil. This mindset shaking the foundation of Pakistan. Our Establishment should take notice of it and shut the mouth of such monkeys but unfortunately some of them are also part of this game.

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He never bow down in front of so called feudal lords nor sold manifesto of his party. His opponents even called him priceless politician of Pakistan. But i salute to his personality and passion as he standstill in all this crisis. Long Live Altaf Hussain!

Due to these facts he always being victim in Pakistani Politics but this time opponents of MQM are trying last struggle to weaken this political party but i am so optimistic about the future of MQM which is so bright.