By Len Hart

The morons and idiots on FOX are hyperventilating! They accuse Democrats of reading and (GASP) practicing the strategies and tactics recommended by Saul Alinsky, a Chicago based neighborhood activist, liberal organizer, advocate of progressive issues.

I've seen it all before! A seemingly breathless GOPPER risks hyperventilating while pointing an accusing finger at 'liberal/progressive' opposition. It goes something like this: "That man (woman, as the case may be) is using radical tactics proposed by Saul Alinsky, a commie!"

In fact, I learned of Alinsky –not from a Democrat –but from an official GOP campaign manual that 'came' into my possession. Upon reading Alinsky for myself [Rules for Radicals], I learned why the GOP is so frightened of him. Alinsky recommends that progressives/liberals organize to achieve its goals. This simple admonition keeps the GOP awake at night. It gives little GOPPER kiddies horrible nightmares of a better world, a more egalitarian world, a more productive world, a world in which jobs are created –NOT exported as is the case with every GOP administration since 1900.

Sure —if I were a lying, hypocrite Republican (as are all of them) Alinsky might frighten me as well. The GOP has reason to fear Alinsky. They fear Alinsky –not because he ever was a 'communist' (he never was) but because they fear the truth!

Thanks to fearless organizers like Alinsky, there is simply no chance that I will ever become a 'Republican'. I simply will not allow myself to morph into a seed pod!

Alinsky was a champion of so-called 'grassroots' organizing. It's a strategy that liberals/progressives should embrace today. Democrats already have an infrastructure in place and would benefit form Alinsky's 'block by block' activism. Eventually, when it is successful, the goals of the 'occupation movement' must be affirmed by an established mainstream. At that point, we will have won!

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Read SAUL ALINSKY, a 'left leaning, liberal' and organizer who scared the pants off the GOP! They were so frightened of him that they adopted his policies and used them against us! Alinsky urged that REAL activists organize block by block, precinct by precinct, county by county, state by state!

FIRST — take back the Democratic party by taking back the neighborhoods!

SECONDLY –organize the neighborhoods to take back the party machines for progressives and/or liberals

THIRD –having taken back the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, organize at the state level to get out the vote. The GOP has been allowed to benefit from low-voter turnout. In fact, the there are some precincts, some areas in which a low voter turnout works to the GOP advantage and, not surprisingly, the GOP works to keep it so. In the radical south following the Civil War, it was the Ku Klux Klan which used 'terrorist' methods to suppress turnout and, in particular, the 'black vote'.

Not showing up to vote may not guarantee a GOP victory but makes it much, much easier, so easy, in fact, that the GOP might not have to resort to stealing votes or buying judges. It's happened before.

Now –if liberals/progressives are not willing to read Alinsky (the GOP has) or if liberals/progressives are not willing to work to reform the only party that has a realistic chance given the odds against them, given the unfair 'statistical weighting' that results from endless, boring primaries and other roadblocks, hurdles and obstructions, then there is really nothing more that I can say!

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The GOP is a top down party of psychopathic authoritarians dividing themselves into 'fuhrers' and followers of 'der fuhrer'! The rank and file believe what they believe because it assuages their feelings of fear and guilt. Stanford University conducted and published clinical studies of the fact that the GOP inclined have more nightmares, night-terrors than do normal people.