Ford Mustang is one of those iconic cars that are renowned all over the world. It is an American car made by Ford Motors of America. Ford Mustang originated from a 4-door concept car which in 1962 turned into a 2-door and 2+2 seater and was launched to the public for a feedback. After a positive feedback, Ford Motors decided to officially make the Mustang, and it immediately got the focus of the general public and became the most successful car after Ford Model A. First generation Ford Mustang cars were so successful those other American car makers started to make their versions of Mustang as well. We can safely say Mustangs actually started the Muscle car era in American auto scene.

Ford Mustang Cars in Pakistan

Ford Mustang in Pakistan are equally famous too. Many automotive enthusiasts have imported Ford Mustang in Pakistan throughout its lifetime. You will find several Mustang cars in Pakistan, new or old, at the various auto shows organized all over Pakistan, including PakWheels Auto Shows. A fifth generation Ford Mustang was the featured car at the last PakWheels Peshawar Auto Show. Ford Mustang has a rich history and started its journey back in the 1960s’.

The first Ford Mustang car was launched back in 1964 and soon caught the eyes of auto journalists and the general public. The initial reviews by auto publications were very positive and favorable. This helped Mustang gain traction in sales. Soon Ford Mustang became a household name in the United States. The first generation of Ford Mustang lasted from 1964 to 1973. The first generation saw some immense success throughout its time. The second generation of Ford Mustang cars was launched in 1974 and was discontinued in 1978. The second generation was not as successful as the first generation. Various packages were introduce to make it popular but it didn’t work, hence Ford pulled the plug on the second generation in 1978 and third generation came into being. The third generation Mustang saw two main variants that distinguishable due to their front fascia. Ford stopped the third generation in 1993 and in 1994, 4th generation was sent to the showrooms.

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In previous generations, Ford had used engines other than V. In the fourth generation, even the base model Mustang had a V6 engine. This generation also featured Ford’s new Modullar V8 engines. Ford launched its fifth generation in 2005, and it was heavily inspired by the early first generation Mustangs in styling. The design was named ‘Retro-Futurism’. In 2010, the facelift was launched with redesigned interior and exterior. On 5th December 2013, Ford unveiled the sixth generation of their Mustang cars. The sixth generation Ford Mustang is the current Mustang.

Ford mustang car pakistan

Ford Mustang has been launched in 4-bodystyles throughout its production. They include 2-door convertible, 2-door hatchback, 2-door 2+2 seat coupe, and 2-door fastback. The 2-door fastback is arguably the best known and loved Mustangs of all times. First generation Ford Mustang car price goes in thousands of dollars. You can buy a new Mustang car in the same price.

Mustang has been an important part of media and popular culture as well. It was famously used in the arguably one of the best car movie, Bullet. The car chase in the movie featured a Ford Mustang driven by the lead actor and chased by antagonists in a Dodge Charger. Another famous appearance by Ford Mustang that arguably made it well known in the masses in Pakistan as well was in Gone in Sixty Seconds movie in 2000. Mustang car was used as the new KITT in the reboot of the famous Knight Rider TV series. Hollywood actor Will Smith film I Am Legend also featured red Ford Mustang.