2015 is the toughest year for MQM (Muttahida Quami Movement) who is Karachi top leading political party. Which claims Pakistan fourth largest political party after PMLN, PPP and PPP. It has a strong hold in urban Sindh. It also claims second largest political party of Sindh which is the second largest province of Pakistan.

There are several factors behind this operations, I try my best to figure out the main issues which are becoming the main cause of upcoming grand operation in Karachi.

Saulat Mirza Execution

He exposed the truth behind Pakistan’s fourth largest Political party. He involved in multiple targets killing in Karachi. He accepted all his crime and the court issued his execution order. Most probably he will be hanged on 19th March 2015. He killed KESC MD.

Baldia Factory Fire

Tragic incident or planned action. It’s still unclear while Rangers reported a Joint Investigation Report and claimed that MQM workers behind this fire, which killed 250 innocents inhabitants of Karachi, while on just the matter of extortion. Whoever did is really a big monster. Intelligence Institutions pointed MQM behind all this fire incident.

PTI MQM substitute

No doubt, MQM still has a stronghold in a vast area of Karachi. But as far as fair election is concern MQM doesn’t hold 4 or 5 seats anymore. PTI is also liberal party and has strong roots in the city now. It’s ethnic free party especially catchy for youngsters.

MQM halted Karachi – A city of dreams

MQM strikes halted Karachi several times in recent years. Either it was an issue of Altaf arrest in London or conflict with PPP. Every time ordinary citizens suffer from all this. This thing really made unhappy even their own people to the middle-class party(MQM).

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Karachi – A Mega City

Karachi Pakistan’s largest city and second largest city in  the world followed by Tokyo, Japan. Malik Riaz is Pakistani Warren Buffett. He started his project in Karachi. As he knew that city law order issue will be resolved soon.

International Involvement

2.5 Million Foreigners are living in the city. Which is also behind this chaos. RAW, CIA, Mossad also working here to create atrocity and disturbance which destabilize the whole country. Some evidence and recent raids proved that RAW is behind MQM and other militants groups operating in Karachi.

Nine Zero Vs Rangers

Altaf Hussain used abusive language against Rangers several times. Even he demanded a separate country after cursing on Rangers offense. Rizwan Akhtar who was DG Rangers at that time and now currently working as DG ISI were a victim of his harsh words. So some analyst believes that he will take revenge for his insult. Meanwhile, Rangers raided on MQM offices several times which made Bhai angrier.

Ethnic Atrocity

MQM involved in the ethnic atrocity. He fought with other ethnic groups. Punjabi-Mohajir, Pakhtun-Mohajir, Sindhi-Mohajir chaos. Every time Urdu speaking community suffered from all this atrocity in the city which killed hundreds of people.

MQM workers desperate

No more affiliation with MQM. Workers are frustrated and want to leave their party but there is a life threat to exit the party. No one wants to take life threat. I think it’s a big responsibility on Rangers shoulder to protect those workers who want to leave the party.

Nabeel Gabol Resignation

It’s clear indication that something is fishy. Sardar Nabeel Gabol is magnate and powerful politician of its area. He won three times from Lyari. He is considered to be a one of the most strong politicians in Sindh with a very good repute in his area. He was in PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) but in 2013, he joined MQM and ALTAF Hussain selected him as an MNA from Nine Zero. Which is a stronghold of MQM?

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Less Loyalty – More Greediness

If we compare the 1992 operation and upcoming operation against MQM. We come to this point of action that now the people in MQM are less loyal to their party. Mostly are those who are unemployed and joined the party to attain some monetary benefits. But the situation was totally different in 1992. People were ready to die in the name of their political party MQM.

Lyari Gang War

After the death of Rehman Dakait, Lyari split into gangs. One is leading by Arshad-Pappu who got the support of MQM while other Uzair Baloch who is also leading People’s Aman Committee(PPP militant group to counter MQM). Altaf Hussain tried to take advantage of Rahman death but, unfortunately, he loses to win the heart of people of the yard.

A city contains 35 thousand Criminals

It’s alarming situation for security forces of Karachi where 35,000 people are criminals and operating in the city. It’s a big challenge to defeat a such a big number.

1992 Operation Vs 2015 Grand Operation

After 23 years passed, security forces again planned a grand operation to clean sweep the city from the militants and terrorist.

Imran Farooq Murder Case

Imran Farooq co-founder of MQM was killed in London by an unknown person. Three years have been passed, still MI-6 unable to identified the killer. He arrested Altaf Hussain to interrogation but left. Some Analyst believes that MI-6 using Altaf Hussain for his country strategic objectives.