By Barrister Mansoor Sarwar Khan.

Pakistan’s one major problem is political insularity especially our failure to embrace a merit based and depoliticized civil service and institutions; a corruption free and progressive taxation, a dynamic good governance based strictly on rule by Law. We cling to antiquated ideas of Mughal-e-azam notion of governance; where dissent is treated as treason which carries death penalty for punishment. The power flows from the divine right of kings; meaning thereby that the ruler is always right and can never ever do anything wrong. We have failed in everything, from respecting a traffic signal to embracing market based globalism. We passionately believe that Islam is one of the wonders in all human history and Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) the greatest human to have walked the planets; this is a view shared by many non-Muslims also. But we refuse to abide by anything that Islam and our great Prophet (PBUH) had made it mandatory for Muslims on one hand and for a Muslim state on the other. We were required to adhere and follow some mandatory provisions of Islam; we choose to utterly disregard those provisions; and today we are nothing more than shabby beggars of international society. Here we stand today blaming every one accept ourselves for our failure in national integration.

Let’s for once face the reality of a system that has failed and become so cumbersome, creaky and avaricious; due to dishonesty, inefficiency and callousness of the permanent ruling elite of Pakistan. A prudent student of history will not find the situation much different from emperor Bahadur Shah Zaffer’s in 1857.

To Many of us, who believe demigods like Nawaz Zardari, Altaf, Asfand Yar or any general in or out of uniform can rectify this decadent and effete state ,is too naïve and can only be prayed for the restoration of his senses. These self styled demigods or clever devils have been around for sixty four years. These visionless political pigmies, of no worth have been in power for far too long and the mess that we find ourselves in today; is not the making of God or our founding fathers; it’s the outcome of the devils rule spanning over 60 years. The forces of Cannism took over Pakistan and the dream has gone sour. How can you cure a disease of Cancer without chemo-therapy?  How can you sustain the cure if some of the cancerous cells adamantly remain in the body? You have to eliminate every effected cell in the body to rid it of cancer and then keep the body under observation for at least 5 years; which in case of a nation state, is necessarily to be enhanced to 25 years. Institutions are never perfect, these are always understood to be a work in progress; an unfinished enterprise that would be constantly in need of protection, promotion, respect, repair and adjustments to all challenge that keep emerging from time after time. Say for example; if Caliph Umer bin khattab were alive, would he not support the progressive taxation on the super rich and the permanent ruling Elite of Pakistan. Would he not appoint a man like himself as an accountability magistrate on a permanent basis to ensure good governance, rule of law and compliance to it?

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The stated purpose of Pakistan was to create a welfare state based on an Islamic and egalitarian economic system; in other words a fair new deal with a participatory populace which would be a guarantee of national sovereignty; we gradually converted Pakistan into a security state and then went onto fail in both.

Today we are neither a welfare state, nor a state that is secure. Perhaps we are a polarized state; lost in time; stuck in the past; over shadowed by developments beyond our control. The irony of fate is that at the most crucial time in our struggle for existential solidarity, we still have corruptous elite in the saddle; with Nawaz Zardari calling the shots and shamelessly advancing prescriptions for the cure of national ailments which they are responsible for inflicting on the country over a period of time. These few mad, bad and blind men of Pakistan are still making a skillful and co-ordinated effort to keep control and consolidate their centers of power at the expense of national integration.

Their lafafa journalists are singing their brand of monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical rhymes from their worn out pages to keep the heat on. These reptilian mindsets want easily let go. It’s no mistake that Imran Khan a modern day version of Tipu Sultan argues. “That Pakistan has declined beyond repair. Nawaz Zardari with their authoritarian mantra, and a new found and born again spell are leading Pakistan straight to hell or an everlasting slavery of America”, just as Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq lead Muslim Hindustan to the slavery of the English. This confusion of direction is only surrounding Pakistan.

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The Americans firmly believe in the final Balkanization of our country and yearns for a powerful and American friendly India rising from the ashes of a burnt out Pakistan. This dream may never come true; but a diehard effort and will to do so is not wanting in the American and Indian establishments. On our end there is a complete failure to understand the depth of these crises. The corruption party goes on.

The idiots are still deploying evasive and dishonest language to conceal the crimes against national wealth which has aggravated and contributed to worsen the situation and bring Pakistan to its Knees and seek aid at the cost of national interest.

The judges generals Bureaucrats, politicians have all made substantial contributions to destroy the state structures and have all walked with impunity. Can you ever imagine Zardari being a president or Nawaz being prime minister in any other country of the world other than Pakistan? It can only happen here. Alas! We the people exercising our religious and democratic duty should be a bit more conscious, aware and suspicious about these demagogues and their herd of parasites that have taken over Pakistan. Can we remember George Orwell’s warning about political language? If we undertake a Nawaz Zardari study then it is possible to cut through the fog of confusion and begin to see the issue with increasing clarity. Imran Khan is one man who is doing it right now and he makes sense when he speaks like an oracle to warn his countrymen about the consequences of surrender to the politics of the devil.

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Pakistanis are impatient and increasingly despairing about what they see happening to their country and their lives on a regular basis. To be honest the populace now considers Nawaz and company irrelevant dinosaurs who are incapacitated by their sheer weight; are politically, impotent, intellectually barren, morally bankrupt and characterized as hopelessly myopic and mired in destructive parochialism, Machiavellian tactics and monkerian political gymnastics.

The zardari Nawaz politics is based on constituency politics which is based on a highly self serving structure of governance. They are hyper responsive to their spheres of influence at the cost of national interests and all those interests they serve or have been serving are dedicated to preserving the past rather than investing for the future; after almost thirty years in power , two stints in opposition, ten years in exile Nawaz has not undergone any modification, He still is devoted to creating conditions at the cost of national institutions which ensure a zero threat to his mogul e azam style of governance and unscrupulous solo style corruption of national wealth. Pakistan has changed since and is undergoing a sea change; leading to  new terms of political engagements, closely related to the contours of this transformation in peace, stability , progressive taxation, an end to Banami property , dual citizenship foreign based wealth through money laundering and plunder. Another key word is free election commission; Nadra based electoral voter list and army inside polling stations to check booth capturing by political dinosaurs.

 Now these are the bells that toll and toll aloud. Progress has never come to a society riding on the wheels of inevibility; it has come through the tireless effort of those who work hard to invest in the future.

The time for corruption , lawlessness nepotism is over , the party is over; Pakistan needs to move on, The question is for whom the bells toll; those looking at things with their inner eye are avidly aware that these bells Toll for the Nawaz Zardari; as their  brand of Pakistani politics is breathing its last.