Lamudi has performed an analysis of its onsite search data and identified five neighborhoods within popular emerging market cities that are secret hotspots for buying apartments. The global real estate portal has put together a selection of these neighborhoods, which for some might come as a surprise.


Bhurban, Murree, Pakistan

With a 39 percent share of onsite searches for apartments for sale, Bhurban, Murree, is the most searched place in the nation. Known as the National Summer Capital, Murree and its inclusive areas, like Bhurban, are well-known hotspots to Pakistanis, but are almost completely unknown to foreign investors. Its scenic mountain ranges and lush landscapes provide a great place to get away from the rush of city life as well as to put money in real estate.


Boston, Baranquilla, Colombia

The most searched neighborhood in Colombia is Boston, Baranquilla, with a 12.5 percent share of onsite searches for apartments for sale. That is higher than Bogotá’s most searched neighborhood, San Cristóbal Norte, which has a seven percent share. The neighborhood is located in the beautiful historic center of the city and has many hotels, bars and restaurants, which make it the perfect location for vibrant living or for a lucrative investment opportunity.


Bashundhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka’s Bashundhara neighborhood only has a six percent share of onsite searches in Bangladesh, which is much lower than the city’s overall search volume of 66 percent. However, that is still much higher than the search volume of any other neighborhood in the country. The high demand for apartments for sale in Bashundhara and its close proximity to the Purbachal Express Highway make it a convenient place to live, not to mention a profitable place to invest.

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Abdoun, Amman, Jordan

Amman’s most popular neighborhood, according Lamudi onsite search data, is Abdoun, the most affluent neighborhood you’ve never heard of. It is home to Amman’s first shopping mall, swanky nightclubs and Abdoun Circle, a main commercial area of Amman. For families, young professionals and investors alike, Abdoun is a great place to be. For expats, it is also ideal as there is a high concentration of embassies that surround the neighborhood.


Magdalena del Mar, Lima, Peru

Magdalena del Mar is a coastal neighborhood in Lima, Peru. Its combination of seaside life and urban convenience should make it no surprise that its share of onsite searches exceeds 35 percent. Its beautiful architecture, parks and plazas make it extremely worth a visit for tourists and at the same time, one of the most in-demand locations for real estate investment in the country. Magdalena del Mar is considered by those in the know as a residential paradise in Lima.