female airforce pilot afghanistan

“Have been made, I am very proud,” she said. “I am also very proud to be the first woman to do, I had to work hard, but to show that women in my country, we can do it.”

The new pilot explained that growing up in Afghanistan, dreams of becoming a pilot as a female, with many challenges, but all the sacrifice is worth it.

“To be the first one in any challenge,” Rhmani said. “I hope to be able to my brothers, shoulder to shoulder.”

She explained that as long as she can remember she has a passion for the sky to become a pilot knew exactly what she wanted to do.

“My father always wanted – it was his dream – to become a pilot, but 40 years ago, he could not do so,” she said. “I think for him to finish his dream to become a pilot.”

While her father was the driving force, she got where she is now, her entire family has been, from the outset, to encourage her.

“They always believe me, support me,” Rhmani said. “I can not do without my family and coaches.”

To be eligible to enter the UPT, students must complete courses in English as a second language, can be anywhere from six months to one and a half depending on the student.

Once accepted, the student pilots through a three-phase plan, which lasted about a year, is modeled on the coalition forces are using UPT.

Afghan National Army General Staff Gen. Mohammad Karimi, chief, “said:” Today is a good day for Afghanistan and the Afghan Air Force. “We not only graduated pilots today, but who better to lead, which is very important, it’s not like equipment, we can purchase, you can not buy people a lot of time and money into training them to become decision-makers I am proud of you everything and thank everyone who helped them here today. “

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Even Rhmani and her new brothers have taken a moment to celebrate the achievements of sinking, she understands that this is just a long and challenging journey begins.

“It will be tough, but I am not afraid,” she said.

For someone who broke the boundaries, creating a new specification, is there a place where she would rather do than in the sky, to do what she likes.

“It was peaceful there, I only focus Yu Fei,” Rhmani said. “Now my goal is to help my country has a bright future, and for women to stand up, I can help break the door, I’m for them.”

Although lifelong dream has come true, an Afghan woman, her goal is to help those who come after her, and encourage them through the relay, the sky is the only limit what they can do.