By Waqar Khan Kauravi

Pat J Buchanan’s recent book, Suicide of a Superpower starts with its preface as , “This book is published  after ten years of war in Afghanistan, eight in Iraq, the worst recession and debt crises America has faced since the 1930’s,with the nation divided and seemingly everywhere in retreat. We have entered an era of austerity and entrenchment unlike any this generation has ever known. But not only this in the realm of economics and politics that America appears in a downward spiral. Socially, culturally, morally, America has taken on aspect of a decadent society and a declining nation”.

What has gone wrong with the hyper power and the unchallenged leader of the unipolar World of our times? There is a need to conduct an analysis of decline of America as it affects everyone from the New York Stock Exchange brokers to the desert dwellers of Mongolia and from the native Indians of Peru to the aborigines of Australia. First time I felt the winds of change was when I landed up at the JFK International Airport and the Heathrow Airport in London, from the trolley pullers of the airport to ticketing officers managing desks of almost any Airlines, I found there was something drastically missing, the young whites. As I did some research on demographics of the western countries, I was shocked and amazed at the depth and width of this phenomenon, which Pat Buchanan calks the Salad Bowl. Having gone through his work, The Death of the West, I conducted more research on works like, The West’s last Chance by Tony Blankley and the UN studies on demographics as well as some RAND’s studies on the Immigration Debate. Everywhere I found the sad story of graying and dying white population, France, Germany ,Russia and Spain to the Continental US and Canada.

American decline (which can also mean the decline of the White West), can be attributed to number of faultiness that have emerged in the Western society.

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First and foremost, Demographic imbalance and Graying of White population, this can be attributed to the socio-economic changes that were thrust upon the western society in last hundred years or so. The ridiculing of clergy and family system in the name of modernism and progress ruined the social order of the west and destroyed the fabric of family system. Bearing of children was made so much unattractive to the white mother that she lost the motherhood to the concept of women emancipation and WW2 this phenomenon gained universal currency in the west and created a yawning gap between the aging and graying population and the declining youth. This aspect created the MOTHER OF ALL FAULTINES, which triggered other socio economic trends.

Secondly, lack of young and energetic youth paved way for import of immigrants to maintain the grand infrastructure which the new generation inherited from their earlier generation. Whereas it was expected that the immigrants would merge within the western culture to form the desired MELTING POT, it turned out that immigrant communities (especially Muslims) retained their distinct culture and religious ethos and resulted in formation of a SALAD BOWL. The concentration of different immigrant communities in the west is uneven and poses interesting challenges to the policy makers and political leaders. For example,the north African Arabs and Berbers form an enclave in Southern Italy, Spain and France; the Pakistanis form a major community in Bradford, London and Birmingham and Lain Americans especially Mexicans form a major group in the states of California, Texas, New Mexico and area all along the Rio Grande. This generates heats of its own kind as local white but graying population finds her engulfed in the tsunami of non white immigrants. The contest for political control of immigrant dominated areas has led to formation of immigrant pressure groups. Indigenous Indians who are known as the Hispanics are also asserting influence as they demand for their basic human rights (denied by the white man 200 years ago).Even the Long War has become an issue of debate where 2nd generation of non white immigrants claim that the casualties of American GIs are disproportionately more for their creed as compared with the whites. Obviously the White America is incapable of making young whites available for this war and the non white youth has to share this disproportionate burden.

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Third, outsourcing of technology and services from the White West to Asian and African countries, though initially declared as a smart move has created another fault line, the Lack of Expertise and job loss. Once the white west dominated everything from manufacturing to research in science and technology and from agricultural production to the space conquest, however, this has gradually changed; the outsourcing of major industries and services has created the lack of expertise and job loss for the whites.

Fourth fault line exists between the Corporate America and the common American; as reported by  Al Jazeera in its recent programme on fault lines, with 1% of Americans controlling 40% of the country's wealth, the gap between the rich and the rest is widening exponentially. America who could pride herself as a land of opportunity has become a typical capitalist machine where   the number of American living below the poverty line may cross the royal figure of 50 million by the end of 2011. Is corporate America paying any heed to this rising trend of poverty, the current Obama debt deal points to the opposite?

The fifth and the most insidious fault line that is emerging in the western societies including America is the rise of Nazism, you may call it Right wing politics or the Tea party phenomenon, it is taking place all over. This fault line is probably the most un- researched and un- talked out in the developed world. The creeping Nazism has the potential to seal the fate of the white west sooner than expected. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva in his book ‘Racism without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in America’, had highlighted the specter existence and rise of racism and is a must read for those interested in American fault lines.

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Although it may be difficult to state and summarize the issue of American fault lines in a small paper, I can only advise the blind followers of the West in Pakistan to take a deep breath before blindly plunging into the western culture (taking with them the innocent people of Pakistan) without taking the key elements of faith, religion and local culture into consideration. May be you would listen to the cries of a white man, Pat J Buchanan, who says in his latest book, Suicide of a Superpower; “When the faith dies, the culture dies, the civilization dies, the people die. That is progression. And as the faith that gave birth to the West is dying in the west, people of European decent from the steppe of Russia to the coast of California have begun to die out, as the Third World treks north to claim the estate. The last decade provided corroborating if not conclusive proof that we are in the Indian summer of our civilization. Historian Arnold Toynbee wrote, ‘Civilizations die from suicide not by murder’. And so it is. We are the Prodigal son who squandered their inheritance; but unlike the Prodigal son, we can’t go home again”