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Fatima Gul is a Turkish Drama which was released in Pakistan with urdu dubbing on Urdu1 TV got too much popularity. As story is too much heart touching. I am also fall in love with this drama. It’s my favorite drama which i have seen yet.

Why u play with me ?  U think i am toy ? when u need me use me and then left me ? I am not Human , I don’t have heart , then why you react like that?  These are the questions of one Girl to the one who said her that i love u, i can’t live without u. But after sometime he behave like a traditional person. So I am wanna ask them , where is your love now??? It w’s love or just your mental and sexual satisfaction.

Fatima Gul is not a just Television Serial , it gives lesson to those who have sense and heart in their bodies and have a ability to discriminate Evil and good deeds.Moral of Drama is ” Think before doing , Sometime’s we are going too big, but feeling it tiny one , and when outcomes came , we feeling regret , But once time has been passed. It can’t be back. So Just remember one thing ” think what you are going to do?

Well, Kareem is my Favorite actor in this whole series, his acting was awesome. He showed that all men are not same. There are few which distract the dignity of men by their such evils which was shown on the drama. It’s novel based drama, may be that’s why too much interested and it’s based on real story.