Altaf Hussain will remain a big name in the political history of Pakistan. He is the first man who belongs to a middle class family who entered into politics and developed a leading political party of the country.

Altaf Hussain created All Pakistan Muhajir Student Organization (APMSO) in June 1978,which received huge appreciation from Urdu speaking community because of injustice happening with Mohajirs (Muslim migrants of Indian Sub continent). Many people are unaware about the historical fact and reality that emergence of APMSO was just due to ruthless behavior of Jamiaat and some nationalist Pukhtoon and sindhis with Muhajir’s in Karachi University. There racist behavior and biased actions demanded an organization who can raise voice for the rights of Urdu speaking community(Whose forefathers created Pakistan) and  Altaf Hussain took advantage of this situation and created a student union, which later converted into a political party. He earned huge admiration from his community on this noble cause. At that time, no one was aware about this organization that it will become a disaster for Karachites.

In 1984, APMSO gave birth to MQM (Mohajir Qaumi Movement) whose motive was to ensure the rights of Urdu speaking community. And in 1986, MQM conducted a rally in which thousands of people participated and showed their full support to Altaf Hussain, which later strengthen MQM in other parts of Sindh.

In 1987, MQM participated in Local Government Elections and secured a number of seats. Also made mayor of Karachi and Hyderabad.

In 1988,MQM was first time participated in General Elections and won 13 seats in National Assembly and became a part of Government through coalition. It was bright time for MQM and it supporters. MQM was part of Government through Karachi accord. Which was not fulfilled by ruling party (PPP) so MQM decided to sit at oppositions seats.

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This all happened in the regime of former dictator General Zia ul Haq who owned conservative personality. There is no doubt his support strengthen Altaf Hussain in Sindh. MQM Chief rejected all claims about getting money through Agencies. It might be true that he didn’t take the amount directly but indirect support was always there. After Gen. Zia ul Haq death, MQM golden era was start converting into hard times. A new faction MQM Haqiqi emerged. And Operation Clean sweep occurred in June, 1992.

After 1992 operation MQM changed around the clock. Whose motive was to raise voice for rights of Mohajir community altered into collection of extortion, ransom and target killing.

MQM, faced hard times till 1997.As vast majority of workers escaped from the main picture. But Altaf Hussain standalone and didn’t stop and continued his mission. Some opponents claimed that Altaf Hussian is on mission to further divided this country. On contrary, proponents who called themselves Altafist, speak out against monsters and dream equality among rich and poor masses of this country and propagate that this is the real mission of Altaf Hussain.

In 1997 Elections, MQM again succeed in getting good number of seats in Pakistani National And Provisional Assemblies. For instance, be remember MQM was divided into two factions. MQM Haqiqi ( Afaq Ahmad ) and MQM Haq Parast ( Altaf Hussain). But MQM Haqiqi never be able to secured any seat in Assemblies. So Karachite consider this party always as a enemy of real MQM.

And then Military establishment took over the system and elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had to faced hard times in jail. MQM boycotted Local Government Elections in 2000 under military establishment. but Muthida Qaumi Movement participated in 2002 General Elections and emerged as a three largest political party of Pakistan. President Musharraf whose forefathers also migrated from India, helped MQM to establish its root in southern province of Pakistan. While 2005 was the golden period for MQM, when they clean sweep in Local Government Elections and secured Karachi and Hyderabad Mayor seats.

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In this golden era, MQM empowered the people of sindh specially inhabitants of urban Sindh. But this golden period was just for two years, 2005-2007.

In 2007, Fall of Musharraf reign started as he did two major mistakes by taking military action against Lal-Masjid and martyred Akbar Bugti.

Musharraf handed over the Government to people elected representatives, which was PPP at that time. In 2008 election, MQM secured 25 National Assembly seats, which shows their strength in urban Sindh. Ex-President Zardari offered MQM to be part of Government which they accepted wholeheartedly. And they were part of provincial and Federal Coalition Government. But they resigned several times to highlight the issues faced by people of Karachi but they compromised every time just to save their Minister’s.

DG Rangers Rizwan Akhtar planned to weaken MQM and it’s rapid growing influence in urban Sindh. He took first action against MQM in 2011 and continue till yet. MQM always have serious reservations about Rizwan Akhtar who is currently serving as ISI chief. Once Rizwan Akhtar selected as Inter Service Intelligence chief, hardest time started for MQM and their blind supporters.

Meanwhile, MQM emerged again as a leading political party in 2013 elections which was claimed as rigged election by PTI. ( Pakistan Justice Party ).

Today MQM is 36 years old organization and facing brutal operation against their workers. They raised voiced several time at different platform and continue to do so. But there are few questions raised, Is MQM really political party then when Government is trying to weaken this political party and if not then why not Establishment is taking full action against them.

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On contrary, Altaf Hussain always represent himself as a leader of Urdu speaking community but today the whole community is facing miserable conditions just due to them and they are facing those allegations which they never did. You may called it in a better way that they are getting punishment of undue sins.

My suggestions to QET, Please resign from MQM leadership asap and assign this task to some one else who is free from extortion, ransom and target killing. I think Nadeem Nusrat is the most appropriate name in this regard. And sincere suggestions to Rangers, stop this operation against poor people and please try to catch big fishes like Farooq Sattar, Haider Abbas Rizvi, Babar Ghauri who ate whole karachi and always indulged in all crimes under the umbrella of MQM. Because they were leading the party so how it can be possible they were unaware about all criminal wing of MQM.

There is no doubt MQM indulged in criminal activities but it’s also true some people who belongs to military were facilitated them. And the question is who will do encounter of those who are encountering others.

Be remember:

Nations destroyed just because of unjust, When some rich people do sins, courts left them but they used to give strict punishment if sinner belongs to poor family.