I am very sad to share this news regarding France. The Government of France started extrajudicial killing on the name of Police raids. At least 3 Muslims killed in these raids yet and dozens tortured.

All newspaper and channels are reporting it as a police raid against ISIS terrorists but in reality it’s true face of catholic rich country france who is badly suffering from an ailment of Islam Phobia. These are the just tactics to defame and eradicate Muslims from the land of France.

Since Paris carnage, French Air force dropped hundreds of bomb at civilian population in Raqqa, Syria(A capital city of Islamic State). And the silence of United Nation is truly depict the influence of Westerns on it. Only 125 people were assassinated in this carnage,On contrary French Air Forces killed 200 innocent civilians in just one day air strike.

Do you think these airstrikes are justifiable or just genocide of Muslims in their own land. No doubt,it’s Questionable?????