It was a sunny day and i have planned to visit higher education commission to attest documents. When i reached there, saw a big Que was awaiting of their turn. I parked my bike and start walking towards HEC Gate. I asked to Gatekeeper, “I want to attest my documents, what’s the procedure to follow. Could you please tell me that?  That was my question which i wanted to ask to him but unfortunately, he spoke before completing my sentence that you were too late. Come tomorrow at around 7am.

I was shocked ,bring out my gadget to out the time. I rubbed my eye’s and shocked to see that it’s just 9.15am. For a person like me it’s too early to wake up. so i decided to back home. Meanwhile one of my friend relative came in my mind who is working in HEC . I asked with myself then why not i should go there and get there help for attestation.

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The purpose of writing this article to help those who will visit HEC first time for attestation purpose.

There are two ways to attest the documents either you visit HEC office personally and second you send your documents through couriers.

If you decided to visit HEC (Higher Education Commission) personally or your friend/relative is visiting on your behalf then authority letter is mandatory.

There is two methods to attest your documents in HEC.

One if you know some there then you follow a very simple procedure. In this article i will tell you both methods.

First Step:

In both cases, you’ve to fill up the online HEC Degree registration form.

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Note: Don’t miss any required information or any single mistake can waste your whole day endeavors.

After filling up the document, software assign you a date to visit HEC.

It’s not necessary to visit it only that specific date. You can visit it prior to assign date.

Second Step:

If you have any reference in HEC then you just need to print out the form which you filled online and stamped with HEC employee and move to HEC employee window. On Employee window man named as Ilyas will check out your documents.

Following Documents are required: Please check below HEC link:

If your documents completed then he will send you to submit the fee in HBL bank. After submitting the fee you come back to the employee window and submitted the documents. Most probably he gave you the time of one day. Next day you can get back your attested documents.

Note: For evidence,you have only one slip of fee submission.

HEC Employee window Timing

Monday – Thursday

10am – 5pm


11am – 12:30pm

Second scenario if you have no reference in HEC then it’s really a hectic task. You must visit HEC before 9am.

hec degree attestation islamabad

Sometimes you have to face lame excuses of HEC.

employee window hec