unpoEvil designs of UNPO—an exposé 

“Foreign funded and foreign based NGOs are also non state actors. Such NGOs operate under the control of donor countries that use them for their given agendas. Under the garb of humanitarian assistance, these NGOs work to destabilise the society of the host country through various means.” Raja Mujtaba

By Qudsia Farhat

The advent of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) often referred to as ‘civil society organizations’, which are non-profit groups, are organized at local, regional and or international levels to address issues concerning human well being and goodness of people, and have brought about social change in developing countries.

Conceptually, NGOs are independent in their outlook but are faced with the constraints of operating under sovereign compulsions and constitutional obligations of host countries to plan and execute their activities. The vision, mission and operating principle of the NGOs is to provide humanitarian services towards surmounting poverty, eradicating endemic diseases and providing relief to the victims of natural and man made calamities and other tormented ordeals of the masses.

Regrettably, some foreign and even domestic institutions exploit the NGOs to further their own agenda, which could be evil or in contravention to accepted norms and value systems of the host country. The home government, on the other hand, reserves the right to exercise its sovereign rights of blacklisting or expelling any NGO involved in anti state activities.

The institution of NGOs is based on humanitarian principles but some vested interests; especially western powers take advantage of the NGOs to promote their political influence and specific agenda by financing them and dictating their malevolent stratagem. This is a new face of imperialism and can take the shape of aiding and abetting regional interest groups to revolt against the legitimate governments and develop suitable platforms to endorse their schema. Thus a unique idea of creating Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) was implemented at the Peace Palace in The Hague in 1991. The raison d’être of UNPO is that since its members were not adequately represented at international fora like the United Nations (UN), therefore UNPO was created with a noble mission: to help minorities, marginalized communities and sub nationalities to find a platform from where they could raise their voice, maintain their identity and avoid getting sidelined or face total exclusion. Initially UNPO as an international organization was entirely built by its 15 members but now it includes over 60 members. Though the membership is given to those who pledge to remain non violent, work for human rights, democracy, self determination, environmental protection and promotion of tolerance, yet some of the sponsors tend to exploit UNPO for the endorsement of their vested interests.

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It has been observed that a few members of UNPO in EU and USA are involved in instigating Pakistani nationals to participate in anti state activities, support insurgency and promote dissent. A case in point is that reportedly UNPO is extensively involved in sustaining Baloch Sub Nationalities (BSNs) and promoting separatist agenda by expressing allegiance with the separatists. UNPO members participate in every anti Pakistan activity and protest demonstration organized by Baloch separatists abroad, thereby damaging the image of Pakistan while sowing the seeds of separatism.

All peace loving citizens of Pakistan in particular and the world community in general should denounce and condemn the activities of UNPO for supporting the separatists and exposing its evil nexus with the sub nationalists.

Pakistan is a sovereign state and it will not allow any evil designs against its integrity or efforts to destabilize it through machinations. UNPO is violating its own charter and the basic convention which prohibits its members from participating in any activities which involve violence or are aimed at regime change.

No imperial agenda or macabre plans of UNPO to promote anti Pakistan plots will be allowed to succeed. The Baloch dissidents are rebels and any organization which promotes the interests of rebels against a sovereign state is illegitimate and illegal. It is ironic that in the near past, the provincial governments of Balochistan, the Federal Government and the Armed Forces have launched various schemes to bring back the Baloch in the mainstream of Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan is undertaking various projects under its uplift of Balochistan program. Simultaneously, the organizations of Army, Navy and Air Force have launched development ventures to allay the Baloch feelings of deprivation and discrimination. To attract Baloch youth towards recruitment in the Armed Forces, the minima for education, age and physical fitness standards have been lowered. Vacancies have been created to provide them gainful employment. Schools, hospitals and vocational training centers have been created. Roads, tunnels, parks, dams and numerous other infrastructures have been established for improving the quality of life of the Balochis. The Armed Forces of Pakistan take the lead in providing relief whenever a calamity strikes the people of Balochistan.


Despite this Herculean effort, organizations like the UNPO instigate the Balochis that they are neglected and should strive to achieve their rights by use of force. Such nefarious plots give credence to conspiracy theories that the Occident does not want the presence of China in the Province of Balochistan, where the Chinese are engaged in the operationalization of the strategic port of Gwadar, construction of the Sino-Pak Economic corridor and other mega projects. It is not an open secret that the project of making the port of Gwadar operational was awarded to China, much to the chagrin of the US and other western powers. 35% of the world’s oil supply uses the Indian Ocean for its carriage. With the port of Gwadar under the administration of China, the Occident is wary that China could choke its oil transportation.

Pakistan denounces all such organizations, which are plotting and machinating to create strife, conflict and insurgency on its soil. UNPO is a non entity and those promoting its interests by projecting their activities through media coverage are actually damaging the national interests of Pakistan. A trivia regarding UNPO is that it does not enjoy consultative status with Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), a UN body to bring relief to the impoverished masses, which are at the verge of extinction due to circumstances beyond their control. Hence, it is essential that the evil designs of UNPO and its covert and overt support to Baloch separatists is exposed and condemned by all and sundry.