Entrepreneurship is like any natural instinct…you are born with it. Either you are or you are not an entrepreneur. Doing what you feel like and not taking into consideration financial losses and risks is entrepreneurship all about. In this very fast era of competition, time is running out.  Focus, hard work, struggle and patience are the Hallmark of entrepreneurship. Be focused and keep doing what you are intended to do, even at a very slow pace at times, but be consistent!

Yes, friends, these were a few sentences of my beloved friend EF who luckily was financially stable and a very positive person when I talked to him that I wanted to open an online store for selling something people always want to buy… “Branded apparels within pocket range”

With the great support of a few family members and my friend EF, I started to source the goods. I worked with some of my friends on the development of the website in parallel.  Financial issues always were there. But before making my online store live I worked for quite some time to make everything happen and run in future with at least slow pace.

The day when my website brandzoutlet.com went live was the happiest day of my life, as my efforts were moving towards a direction.   Though my online store is there for less than a year, with all my focus and hard work I am driving it towards the destination.  Making people especially of Pakistan aware of online shopping and building trust of my online store is really tough.  But as someone said”

  $19 billion losses only in Karachi

Jo Patthar pays pani party muttasil

To bay shubha this day Patthar ki sil

(Meaning if a drop of water drips on a stone sill continuously, one day the stone sill might break)

Focus, hard work, struggle, consistency, patience and morals are all ingredients of True Entrepreneurship, and can take your business to ultimate levels of success.

Wish me all the best for my success friends!

My best wishes for everyone who wants to be an entrepreneur…Keep it up!