Individual or national dreams can only be built with planning and right course of actions. If someone is keen to build a house, He will first think about his budget, determine the location to buy a plot, its size, its design, covered area, choice of the contractors etc His long list may have hundreds of questions, some of them even riddled by skeptics about the dirty business tricks, official bottle-necks and finally his string of decisions. In the politics of hostility, enemy prepares its master plan, based on his objectives, followed by the course of actions to execute all the tasks. But secret war demands a different set of action, stitched with bits and pieces, without being conspicuous, to ensure complete secrecy not to be intercepted or catching the attention of the intelligence.

This list may include many such jobs which ultimately converge on one point agenda like disintegration of Pakistan by first fomenting insurgencies, denting the enemies of its foes, generating economic turmoil, tightening the noose around the necks of peoples of certain communities, to trigger a chain action, as recipe of her invisible warfare. If we prepare the list of all such tasks, it might run into hundreds. An intrigue, India played in former East Pakistan. Now Baluchistan, Swat and FATA are her targets. Did our counter-intelligence failed to detect or else intelligentsia does want to educate the masses. People believe perhaps our hibernation period has elongated. The purpose of this exercise is to highlight just one or two such moves to create awareness, what all lies in the store for times to come. How one stroke by the enemy like water row that can open up Pandora’s Box for many other troubles – leading to the collapse of the whole edifice of our polity?
The list of such dirty things, which the enemy can do, to inflict harm to our dear country is too long. If we sit and meditate all the mischief which the enemy planned and executed during the last three years, it might require many volumes, to assess losses of human life and property during the suicide bombings, displacement of the masses in IDP camps, burning and looting spree. Still worse, it might have even shifted the blame on some other country to avoid international condemnation. To start with the simple proposition, let us first start with the political dynamic, that engulfed the business nerve center of Pakistan, Karachi a couple of weeks ago,. as target killings help the enemy to create chaos, unfavorable climate for investment and inflict heavy losses, nobody can guess. At the same time, it also generated the fog of mistrust and eliminated the people, who our foes regarded as obstacles in their jobs, or their cronies. 
The list of any countries’ vulnerabilities is long. But the tragedy is that New Delhi intends to spare no event to cause as much damage as it could. Take fore example the tragic death of Ms. Benazir Bhutto, when her agents carrying flags of PPP resorted to looting, shooting, and   ruthless arson campaign without any Police or Rangers’ check. The loss was much more than Indian claims in Mumbai Firing, but we failed to put the blame on New Delhi. Nobody can deny the fact that blowing up trains, setting on fire public property, firing at the peaceful citizens and playing havoc with the security personnel was not the handiwork of any Pakistani, but enemy agents as wolf in the goat’s clothing. Similarly, the incident of Samjhota Express, M;uharram procession of Karachi and almost 80 or more suicide attacks during last year, did not left any soot on the face of its real perpetrators.  
The people who participate in various public gatherings, organized in the honor of national dignitaries, with their demands to plan development projects like hospitals, dispensaries, schools, road network and other institutions costing millions and billions of precious, hard earned money. If these installations, become a target of sabotage activities to cripple our economy, the economy will certainly collapse and the country would fall on the slide of disintegration. If someone torches the house of our neighbors or any inmate of the city today, its owner may do the same to our property tomorrow. What if we resort to demolishing each other’s houses, without any reason or rhyme, means encouraging the saboteurs in their mission of launching offensive discreetly without any fear?
For the last couple of years, our media is playing very constructive role to create awareness. But much still remains to be done to educate the masses about personal obligations of every citizen, as part of their duty to the state. Since all our installations are built with our own tax money, the miscreants who succeeded to bluff the people with the flags of different parties, were part of the game to hoodwink the residents. But question remains, who provided them flags, resources and motivation to organize these rallies. At the same time, the people who impersonated by wearing the uniform of the Security Forces should not have been spared, at any cost. Since everybody, in this age has got a mobile phone with built-in cameras, masses should be educated to take the photographs and forward the same to the investigating teams, to help them track and probe the cases from such leads. 
Sequel to the suicide attacks and frequency of sabotage incidents, the situation has turned every citizen quite apprehensive about his security and his investment. The guess game, pointing fingers at each other, wrong sense of direction, poor knowledge, whispering campaign, hostile propaganda, yellow journalism, poor government writ, shortage of items of daily use, price hike, myths created out of the new inventions and making a mountain out of the mole hill are some of the spores of most lethal weapon of disinformation that can affect, not only law and order, but may obstruct the smooth functioning of business activity and the government. Since Indian capability to plan, coordinate and execute such intrigues is no secret to anyone, it is duty of the intelligentsia to spare some of their time and divert their guns from the sectarian, parochial, ethnic, political and economic issues to the simple and more important topics to teach the new dimension of invisible war to the nation.