Defence and Diplomacy-

By Raja G Mujtaba

Before we discuss endgame in Afghanistan, we must know what the American objectives were, have those objectives been achieved and if not would America really walk out of Afghanistan. If we do not discuss American objectives, we really cannot understand the endgame.

The US created conditions through 9/11 to justify its attack on Afghanistan; today not only the world but most Americans also believe that 9/11 was a false flag staged by CIA and Mossad for their greater agenda.

They arrived in Afghanistan not that there was any linkage between Al-Qaeda and Taliban to attack the twin towers but for the following:

  • To control the Caspian Sea Basin and Central Asia to control its oil resources.
  • Contain China.
  • De Nuclearize Pakistan.
  • De Islamize Pakistan.
  • De link Pakistan from China.

Moral degeneration of the society to increae drugs, prostitution and other social evils under some cover activity continues through various NGOs that are the latest weapons for destruction moral fabric of Muslim societies.

One has to asses that has the US achieved its objectives and if not then would it be prepared to leave after suffering so heavy losses of sorts. Apparently America is giving time frame to withdraw but in reality, its manipulating to extend its stay here to the maximum. There are reports that now the deadline has being extended to 2024, a jump of 10 years from 2014, the first announced deadline. Even if it does depart, it would hold five permanent bases in Afghanistan and outsource most of the military operations to private contractors.

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According to Henry Kissinger, "Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people." Now this is a complete thinking on which America is working. Keeping in view the oil reserves of Central Asia, why would the US leave Afghanistan? If we analyze the situation in Pakistan, every need of the country is being manipulated through the party in power. Oil is being denied to power companies that has created crisis of such magnitude that was never witnessed before. 

What America is doing is only gaining time, the opening of Taliban offices in Qatar is a decoy, it would yield no results because the conditions that the US is laying down would never be acceptable to Taliban and America is no position to enforce them unilaterally therefore it would be a stalemate.

To know the objectives read what Henry Kissinger has said in his latest interview; "We told the military that we would have to take over seven Middle Eastern countries for their resources and they have nearly completed their job. We all know what I think of the military, but I have to say they have obeyed orders superfluously this time. It is just that last stepping stone, i.e. Iran which will really tip the balance.”

What Kissinger says is taken as the last word, he belongs to the inner circle of the Zionists; he belongs to the illuminati where all plans are made. The whole thinking here revolves around Israel that all the Zionists are committed to help.

Today not just seven but almost entire Muslim World is in the clutches of the US. Mid East in particular is under their spotlight.

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Now the regional countries, irrespective of their differences will have to rise above their national interests and work for a collective objectives and threats.

Afghanistan although an independent sovereign state, has lot of common interests with Pakistan. Today the US and her allies may work as much as they wish to drive some deep wedges between the countries, the people of the countries are have deep roots that always keep them tied to common heritage and collective future.

No matter how much the US may try to establish India or other such countries that are hostile to Pakistan, after the departure of the US such grafts will not have any place in Afghanistan. But Pakistan must also exert to reduce Zino-Hindutwa presence in Afghanistan.

The most alarming situation is how Henry Kissinger spells out the Zionist objectives in the region. The US does not have any objectives for herself other than the Zionist goals therefore one needs to study Zino-Hindutwa regional and global objectives. Without studying these, no student of International Relations, Strategic studies, conflict management etc. would be in any position to forecast or see into future with any accuracy. Most professors of International Studies etc. either have no clue of the Zino-Hindutwa linkages and objectives or they do not want to make it known to the world at large.

NATO attack on Salala Border Post was no error or mistake; it was a deliberate action to test the reaction of Pakistan, had there been any weakness, today the US would have been attacking Pakistan to capture the nuclear weapons of Pakistan.

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Pakistan must refuse the MFN status to India as this would provide additional leverage to destabilize Pakistan politically and economically.

In order to achieve permanent peace in the region, Pakistan must also get active support of China, Russia, Iran and Turkey. For future, no foreign troops should be allowed in the region, all conflicts must be resolved through regional cooperation. Maybe some countries show the desire to station troops in FATA or Northern Areas of Pakistan, that is likely to create more problems rather than solving any.