American’s philosophy to eliminate Muslims by using different tactics. Sometime they declared us terrorist and attack on us like they did in Afghanistan, sometime make an issue of democracy and then attack on us but when we people elect Islamist they start supporting dictator’s like Ahkwan-e-Muslimoon in Egypt and Hamas in Palestine. Sometime blame of developing nuclear weapons like with Iran and they put heavy trade restriction and try to make them isolate from the entire world, and sometime by giving money to rebels and create civil war into the country which is incurring in Syria.

We all Muslims are being victim of this monster super power so called United states of America, but every time they are failed in their mission. When they realized that they can’t assassinate all Muslims,so they start promoting family Planning by giving heavy funding to NGO’s.  But still fertility rate of Muslims are much higher as compare to non-Muslims.

After that they start promoting pornography, trying to move away our teenager’s from the religions. They created massive advertisement campaign on internet. No doubt , we became a high victim of this thing and Pakistani’s declared # 1 top searcher of pornography material.


After failing in all ventures, they start hijacking Muslim media, and start promoting racism between Muslims. Now we are feeling pride by saying Kurdish, Syrian, Tajik, Uzbek, Tamil, Bangali but sorry to say, feel ashamed by saying Muslim.

Actually, we move far away from religion that’s why our enemy’s are getting benefit from our weaknesses by promoting racism and sectarian violence among us. Wake Up Muslims!