Economy: CPI ticked at 0.15%MoM in Mar’16; – By Spectrum Research

Economy: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics announced the CPI figure for the month of Mar’16 wherein it settled at 3.94%YoY while on monthly basis revealed slight increase of 0.15%MoM.

On monthly basis, CPI was slightly up by 0.15%MoM on the back of surge in food index however; lower POL products prices dig down the pace of inflation during Mar’16;

The increase in yearly inflation of 3.94%YoY is attributable to pick-up in house rent index, food prices and education index which ascended by 5.46%YoY, 2.45%YoY and 9.61%YoY respectively;

Inflation clocked at 3.94%YoY

During Mar’16 under food category, ascend of 13.9%MoM in chicken and 8.31%MoM in fresh fruits pushed up the inflation however, due to the reduction in POL prices last month, inflation eased to and tick at 0.15%MoM.

On yearly basis food and housing & utilities index surged by 2.45%YoY and 5.08%YoY respectively. On the other hand transport index witnessed a decline of 3.94%YoY in Mar’16. Under food basket prices of fresh milk (~6.68% weight), onion (~0.55% weight) and tea (~0.84% weight) increased by 3.95%YoY, 43.44%YoY and 19.18%YoY respectively. However, prices of tomatoes (~0.46% weight), cooking oil (~1.75% weight) and vegetable ghee (~2.07% weight) dwindled by 49.6%YoY, 12.83%YoY and 8.71%YoY respectively. Escalation of 5.46%YoY in house rent (~21.8% weight) under non-food category effected marginally on inflation.

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CPI ticked at 0.15%MoM in Mar’16

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