By Tanvir Ahmad Siddiqui

Eagles who dared were the symbolic birds in the ideology of Allama Iqbal.   Those eagles, falcons and hawks used to nest in commanding positions only in rocks of high rugged peaks, cliffs and on towering oaks. Those eagles who dared to fly in open highs of blue skies are now so pleasingly and comfortably imprisoned in golden cages where they are fed with silver pearls. Those Eagles who dared in heights with their sharp turned beaks  and  their so proud strong necks could so easily  stoop and dive at speed of light  to strike, pierce and tear apart  their prey are now  tightly capped with leather cups and slings. Those eagles who dared are now made to simply sit duck and owlish on those golden fences and silver hand gloves. Their sharp and strong talons on their feathered booted legs now remain tied up with fancy golden and silver chains. Their sharp eye sight of sky heights that has the ability to clearly distinct between a small grain of food and a tiny grain of stone lying far below on surface of earth. Their sharp strong sensory vision which can even spot deposits of water and minerals far beneath the ground is now curtained  with dark black bands. Their strong wide feathered wings which propel in strong opposing winds have been trimmed. Those cut to size wings and feathers now remain un-spread and un-propelled and can never gain heights of their own flights of  freedom for  solo hunts.  Their sharp high pitched screams and sequels to over fear their prey are now gagged for good permanent silence.

  War-The Fiscal Stimulus of Last Resort

Those eagles who dared are now occasionally taken out of their golden cages and made sit like owls and goose on those golden fences and silver hand gloves only for exhibit, décor and pride  of their masters. Now as privileged prisoners and slaves in all comforts they are only supposed to  provide help and support in all those sizzling hunting ventures at command of their masters.  Their trimmed wings are now capable only to make them fly  and  attain a  height for a given distant. Their claws and talons now can only grab grub and cease the prey which has been already shot down and weakened enough  to take their last breaths out of that shooting and hunting pleasures of those actually and really powerful enthusiasts. These imprisoned birds are now immune to live in immunity of their own comfort and luxury within those golden cages. Those eagles who dared now have been made to sit like owls and goose  on those golden fences and silver gloves  to eat silver pearls and drink grape wine every morning and evening.

Whenever I look at the  pictures and movies of those chained eagles and  falcons sitting on golden fences and silver hand gloves  with their piercing beaks cupped with leather slings and their sharp eyes capped with black bands,  I so sadly fail to make out any difference of status  between these imprisoned birds and their filthy rich masters who are so known leaders of Muslim Ummah.

I fail to differentiate between these helpless birds living in golden cages eating silver pearls  and those leaders of Muslim Ummah so happily joyfully self arrested in their own golden palaces with their mouths tightly shut and their eyes tightly  capped with black bands of their own lust and greed for that  heaps of ill-gotten wealth which enables them to eat and enjoy the fiestas of so called silver and golden pearls every day and night.

  Punches And Counterpunches

The power in their muscles have been trimmed and cut to size and they can hardly raise their hands in defiance of their own vested interest that is only and only to sustain and prolong their stay on levers of power that is actually not of their own but of others who actually govern them. Their mouths are tightly capped, their feet are chained and they can hardly walk out from tight clutches of their own lust and greed for wealth comfort and luxury. Despite ever growing miseries of Muslim Ummah around the world their wealth and power is used merely for their own comforts.   To quench their own thirst and lust every now and then they build and raise tall taller and tallest towers of their fame and roll themselves on those golden and platinum wheels and wings of luxury and comforts. Their all that power, prerogatives, privileges and fame are merely good enough only to grab grub and cease the prey that has been already weakened by those hunters who actually own their sanctuaries of wealth and luxuries.   As like all those imprisoned birds in their golden cages they are also servants always ready to serve the hunting logistics  of those powerful hunters and adventurers of the world.