By Naveed Tajammal

Dr Mubashir Hassan

The Adherents of this new move, ‘AMAN KI ASHA”, are indeed a sorry lot of people, clueless being a better word, in a historical perspective, Dr. Mubashir Hassan is indeed misinformed of our past, India and Pakistan never had nor will, have a ”common destiny”, as it was only in 1849, that we went in the fold of a entity, which was absorbed into, a empire, called British India, which was a historical process in evolution of rise and fall, India as a term is Britt’s, doing, Arab geographers called it hind, and we have always been Sindh, the mother of all civilizations, the land of blue, as we produced the most coveted dye, the European ”indigo”, but Neel’ till they changed it.

Now if, Dr. Mubashir has been impressed and misled by the works of another champion of this ‘Aman Ki Asha’ team, no other then Atizaz Ahsan and his three different versions of ”Indus saga”, then one cannot blame him, in a way, however, without giving a review of this champions work, suffice would be to say, Atizaz Ahsan, should have gone in research before, publishing his work, as oneness of India, may appease, the mindset of the immigrants, but will never do so, in case of a son of the soil, and why should we go for ”peace”, when India has complet

Indians Burning Pakistan Flag, a slap on the face of supporters

ed our encirclement, by virtue of the tripartite agreement with Iran and Afghanistan, and taking over airbase

  The Last Hiccups Of The Falling Empire

es in Tajikistan, in our north, equipped with nuclear warheads, the Indian Su-30 and MiG-29’s await a signal from the Brahmans who run the RSSS, whose, policies are followed, by the GOI (govt. of India),they have completed total strangulation of our waterresources, not happy with this alone, they are building the KAMA DAM, on Kabul river, a further loss in our water resources, our ground waters will not be recharged, on account of stoppage of ,flood waters, in our lower three rivers, Ravi, Bea’s and Sutlej, and to break the will of our Kashmir freedom fighters, the Indians are focusing on terming them as terrorists. It is indeed a high time that likes of this doctor change the glasses of their spectacles, and sees our land and its people as, nationalist.

If only they knew, that what is called as ‘CHAUVINISM, is BUT ”Nationalism”, and a patriot, is the individual, who follows this philosophy, the problem is that people like Dr. Mubashir disoriented lot that they are, have now become heralds of the new world order, which wants to break the concept of the nation state, by any means, peace being a means to an end, however what our friend fails to visualize is, that when and if, they achieve their objective, peace will be the last thing on their minds, it will be brutal force used to implement their WRIT, on our as well on other nations.

Naveed Tajammal is a historian with a special focus on Indus Civlisation.