Next upcoming big thing for Tech gurus is Windows 8. What they have brought special? Does it fascinate you? Have you made up the mind that you are going to use it for all of your machines? And most importantly, does this OS has gone one step ahead than Apple and Google?

It seems and people discusses that Microsoft has a chance to make better place smartphone market. I would like to share few reasons for this.

Merging of tablet & laptop

This is getting popular now. In attest technology, experts are merging the laptops and tablets. And we talk about merging then Microsoft with the latest OS suits best for any kind of convergence of devices.

On the other hand if we look at Apple they have no plan regarding merging of devices with their iOS. The simple reason come across is that they want to enjoy the single coming product-specific profit streams and they don’t want to hurt their sale. So, Mac Mini is cover and work along to protect iMac. iMac can be managed with technology to protect Mac Pro. And iPad isn’t allowed to wander into MacBook’s territory. Same is the case with, Chrome OS which is not suitable for notebook OS neither is Android. Windows 8 is the only OS that’s a genuine goer for both tablets and laptops.

Better UI

When it comes to UI which was called once as “Metro” and currently as ‘Modern’ is quite literally the most modern of touchscreen UIs. I don’t say is covers all aspects but it surely fresh, It’s existing. This UI can easily compete with the ability of Apple’s iOS with the power and configurability of Google Android.

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Let’s talk about ARM and x86 CPU

The debate about the better choice of ARM x86 processors is been there from time now. Which gives more advantages can be ones opinion. But does it matter to Windows 8? I don’t think so because it has support of both.

If we look at the Android then I agree that it also support x86 compatible version. But if I am not wrong, then it is still under experiment stage rather than a confirmed setup to be used in market. Meanwhile, when it comes to ultramobile operating systems, Apple’s iOS is ARM-only.


Can you question this ability in Windows? It is best as always to present and manage thread management at the kernel level to the way the UI presents multiple apps. But now the user will have the choice of using the same old task bar to manage applications and at the same time they can deal with apps in “Modern” UI. This made this OS even better.

Some gesture-driven app switching methodology has been added to the Modern UI as well. We can easily say that Windows 8 will be much better choice than iOS and Android for multi-tasking and app switching.

Compatibility with old versions

OK, this bit only applies to the regular x86 version of Windows 8 and not the ARM-compatible Windows RT, flavour. But only Windows 8 offers you a fully contemporary, touch-enabled ultramobile OS that also supports the huge ecosystem of legacy PC applications and delivers powerful multi-tasking. It really is one OS to rule them all.

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It’s not all good news

Well, it is not like Windows 8 has won it all. It has issue of its own. We can enlist many of the shortcomings and we can find it at many platforms. But my focus in this article is to put some light on the better side of the Microsoft’s Windows 8. You will have to decide that what part make you think that Windows 8 brought boost in market for Microsoft as compared to Apple and Google.