By Bakhtiar Hakeem

You are my audience if you are in forties, rather than thirties. I seek you more if you are in fifties, and most sought out, if you have crossed sixties. It would be interesting rather intriguing; for the sake of this exercise, if you are one of a grade twenty-two, grey-haired,  wisest personality around, or an equivalent big shot. And I submit to you this question; ‘have you asked a genuine question in last one year, sir/madam?’ 

Many times one observes a senior or an elderly person telling to a younger or a junior:

·         “Ay.. ay young man how come you do this?” Or

·         “O sweet hearts will it work like thisJ ?” Or

·         (Smilingly) “sonny will you be able to jump/climb/ride/open it or assemble it?” or

·         “Have a heart has any one ever done it like this?”

Were these questions; of course these were not genuine questions. Indeed the senior was only pointing out, it can not be done, or he or she knows the solution or how it is done. In other words, the one busy doing or trying was either wrong, raw or too novice. It also implied senior knew the answer or the solution.

What do you do? Do you raise the genuine questions, with the desire to explore, learn more, know more or find a new way to work out? Have you developed the habit of adding on to what you already know and have you grown enough to grant the right, or say equal right of being wrong to others? This is the point of focus of this article.

We proceed further from here for a five step exercise. One may call it a DIY (do it yourself) exercise, a hands-on to explore one self, ofcourse with an inbuilt lesson to mend ways. It should tell a committed reader and an objective learner how to go about, where I have reached; half way through, and which way to tread from here onwards.  


Step One

For the purpose of this exercise we, that is you and I, am interested in genuine questions only. You will need a personal diary or any bounded journal so that all what you write is not lost as loose papers. Record the questions which you ask during the day. You may do it at the end of the day, or more than once a day; as it suites and pleases. Having recorded and developed some record, try to group and make some sub-classes. It will help you collate, and endorse further questions in the appropriate boxes.  Classes given below may serve as a guideline:

·         Questions asked: about your professional pursuits, or those about earning the livelihood,

·         about food, places to eat, nutrition and medicines,

·         about bible, books, magazines, scholars, authors, poets and libraries,

·         about games, sports, sports gear, tracks, new rules, arenas,

·         about computers, machines, tools, soft-wares,

·         about geology, geography, soils, seas, rivers, marine life, fauna, flora and ecology, and, about films, drama art and artists…..

Step Two

Once step one gets going, step two would be relatively easier. Left most column of the schedule below is where Step One finished. You find two more columns. These demand recording the answers received in response to your questions. It will highlight all those areas which are yet to be answered. Right hand column has the potentials to run in to score so pages. Here you will record the degree to which answers and solutions were found correct. This would only be possible when such acquired solutions have already become part of your nature or were rejected after research and, or some acid test.

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Questions asked by type, category or the class

Answers received with brief details. Unanswered, or yet to be received

Degree to which answers were acted upon. Replies and answers put to test and found wrong





Step Three

During the process of this Step, we will try to establish a relationship between the habit of asking questions and the nature and rate of growth. Whose growth? Your growth. Examine this schedule please. I hope you will find the columns self-explanatory.

Categories and classes of question

Number of questions asked per unit time i.e. Daily, Weekly or monthly

Areas in which you have made progress, gained promotion, jumped grades or enhanced your profit at the steady pace of 20 % every year









Step Four

You are asked questions also. Moreover, you do speak out and tell others when not even asked; see the opening paragraph. In this Step we are going to take an account of the answers and replies. See this table, and try to fill it up. I know your first attempt would be an imaginative one.

Categories and classes of questions asked

Questions replied

Assistance offered, un-sought comments & judgments passed, people stopped half-way and guided









I am particularly concerned about the understanding of the contents of the column on extreme right hand, and the execution thereof. See the opening paragraph once more. When not asked for, your help and guidance will be viewed as interference, less class-room scenario.   Do not underestimate others. Let everyone enjoy the taste of hit and trial. I know how unbearable and painful it could be in a parent children relationship.

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Step Five

This is last of the steps. It is the step to measure the yield. For some it could be asking for a sea change in the convictions of their life, therefore, I dare face an outright rejection. Brave are always fewer, yet they are the one who give the society hope for providing leaders. It is out of these, a few, that we find role models. And they are the ones who measure their life gains, by what they give. And not by the gold medals and the trophies won. They do not react, howsoever large is the number and whatever is the social status of those opposing their ideas. They stay proactive. They measure the growth and rise in life by what benevolence they yield. Seventy–two odd stood against  whom and how many, at Karbala in 61 A H. May I refer to my article The Way you Measure, published in Issue No.2 of Food for Thought, and Unit Process and Yield, published in Issue No.13 of Food for Thought, and

If you are clear about your purpose, and you are still growing, you will find yourself asking genuine questions. Positive goals and objectives are never ending, these are never satisfied. They are like life. They stay green and keep creating a perpetual pull. When purpose is green, you will never stop asking questions, you will be ever growing. So what if it was birthday number??