To read this article , you must have feelings that you are Muslims first then Pakistani. As i feels pride on being Muslim rather than a Pakistani ( nationalist ).I tried to cover different aspects which made me to conclude that it’s worst decision for Muslims and biggest blunder for the people of Indian sub-continent.

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Indian subcontinent

I hate this division

Nawaz Shareef Current Prime Minister of Pakistan sharing his views about this partitions.

As he is saying in his video , that our culture , language, dressing, fashion, foods, history and climate are same , then what’s the importance of this border? Why we are fighting each other, why not we develop a good relationship and make a economic union like European Union.As there is no two view that west doesn’t want to see a good neighbor, they always try to create hurdles while we are moving towards good relationship and it was british government who divided us into two nation.

Why I like Altaf Hussain?

Altaf Hussain founder and leader of Pakistan’s fourth Largest Political Party(whilst Sindh second Largest Party) MQM Muttahida Quami Movement. He delivered his speech in public gathering in India where he openly said, that creation of Pakistan is greatest blunder in the history of world. After that speech Extremist declared him rebel.

My question is with them why not you people listened full speech.when he said , now Pakistan is reality and Indian should accept it. As we always took dictionary meaning of  things, forget context. I am not supporting Altaf Hussain, as all know he involved in killings and china cutting in Karachi ( A city of Lights).

I love Zakir Naik 

Zakir Naik ( Speaker on Subject of Islam and comparative religion ) founder and President of Islamic Research Foundation ( A non-Profit Organization) that owns Peace Tv too.He shared his views on creation of Pakistan in below watch it please.

  For its Failures, CIA Must Not Blame ISI!

What he said, may be you don’t agree but as far as my concern i totally agreed with his argument that no doubt Indian will become super power soon. If we din’t divide this continent, we already became super power and leading China in all aspects. But what happening now , we became slave of china for getting Technology.As we gave the argument that it became necessary to separate from Hindu’s as they were in majorities but we forgot the democratic systems. If we didn’t create Pakistan, we muslims have 38%  in Population and for passing any legislation in Lok Shaba need two third majority,as Hindus didn’t had?

Quaid e Azam ( Muslim Leader ) 

Let’s take a look on Quaid-e-Azam life.His father JinnahBhai poonja and mother mithibai lived in a second floor of apartment in Karachi. As we called him a muslim leader, let’s see how much he was attach with religion. His family belong to Ismali sect, while he too in his childhood but after that he inspired from Twelver (Shia largest Group) and adopted it. Ok! it’s sectarian issue, not a big issue as we never seen any sectarian violence in our country 🙂 As Jinnah is famous for his spouse Emibai, but she died before Ruhksati, so Jinnah only did Nikkah with her. Her wife name was Rattanbai “Ruttie” Petit Jinnah who is daughter of Sir Dinshaw Petit. Her grandfather Sir Dinshaw Maneckji Petit, was entrepreneur and founder of the first textile mills in India. She belong to Parsi Religion. As Islam only allowed to marry “People of the Book”. If i said, he involved in adultery and adultery is major sin in Islam.

  Strategic Game Behind 'Talibanisation'

If now a days, any person said I belong to two political parties then what will be your response will you call him a hypocrite?

No and never, because our father of nation Quaid-e-Azam was joined Congress and then also joined Muslim League without leaving Congress.  So, it’s not hypocrisy, it’s inner harmony between two parties. 🙂

Muslim reign on Indian sub-continent ( Historical View )

We ruled on 1,000 years on Indian sub-Continent but what happened after 1857. Hindus didn’t raise voice that we need a separate country where we lived independently for ten centuries. It’s hypocrisy that you ruled on 1,000 years on some place while you were in a minority and then you did millions of mistake , lost your reign and then start separate movement from Hindus (who are in majority).

Is we really made this country for Islam??

Ask this question for yourself. We made it for corruption as we are on top of list of corrupt nations. we created pakistan for Taliban as they are ruling on us. We created this country for Molvi Abdul Aziz extremist who imposed religion on Aunty Shamim ( Prostitute ) forcefully. We made this country for Sipah Sahaba who killed Shia’s ( According to them Non-Muslim). Now we are getting popularity as we are involved in Shia Genocide. Proof is last year Twitter top trends in Pakistan.It’s ununderstandable for me that we made this country for Islam. Thousands of People are assassinated in Karachi and Balouchistan and we are still saying that we made it for Islam.

English empire divide us 


Everyone knew the two upcoming future super power of the world are India & China. So British realized this fact two hundreds years before as they did strategic planning for future. Now our so called enemy is going to be super power and we want to fight with 7 times bigger gaint. Alas! on our thinking. We lived in a poor country where hundred of thousands of people are unable to get the necessities but we spent 80% of our budget on defence, just to defend our country but still we are facing drone attacks and LOC violations.

What we did for Muslims yet ? 

We called it that we made this country for Muslims and in the name of Islam. Stop defaming Muslims and developing misperception  about Islam(Religion of Peace). We are the founder of terrorism and exporter of extremism.

It’s Bangladesh or slap on Two nation Theory (Ideology of Pakistan)

We called two nation theory is an ideology of Pakistan.So my question is, if we made this country on this basis on religion, then what happened to the people of Bangladesh. Why they separated from us?  Were they Left Islam? or became Hindu?

It’s not true that we made this country for Islam, now people shocked what i am saying, it’s bitter reality.

First reason of creation of Pakistan was to get people freedom from Hindu Feudal. But unfortunately we also failed in it too.

How i support my argument,  just go back into the beginning of twenty century. What happened into the first decade of twenty century. We people forgot or no one know about that event which became the main cause of this separation.