By Ayesha Villalobos

Everyone was imbued with a reckless spirit of speculation, hope and wishful thinking. The whole country seemed to be in a clandestine motion, as the most extravagant anticipations prevailed in connection to the much coveted victory. India won by 29 runs, the mixed pandemonium and gloominess enveloped the crowd.

The boom collapses from Pakistan Team, there are lapses and shortcomings that had cost the Team so much “But there are some rules in life you cannot defy, some batsmen you really cannot give a chance to. And if you give Sachin Tendulkar four chances – not one but four! Tendulkar! – You cannot expect to win a game, no matter what else you do. It was one of Tendulkar's least fluent recent innings as well, but in the drops of Misbah, Younis Khan – their two best catchers -Kamran Akmal and Umar Akmal, went the game. It is as simple as that.”

1and according to Shahid Afridi “"We made some big mistakes in fielding, we dropped some catches, and catches for Sachin,". Watchful that the India had a homeland advantage and India’s match supremacy unfolding right in front of them Pakistan was resolute to keep India within narrow bounds. The friction match didn’t halt India to monopolise the arena.

Pakistan denounce every strong and solid bat opposing India’s abolition of Pakistan supposed “powerplay”. Wahab Riaz the “ice-breaker”  the suave Magician decided to stick –it –out, he refused to be conquered , “after few over’s ,Wahab Riaz's two-wicket over left India in a position of real danger.”

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 2. And regained the teams’ momentum and to somehow debunked the throngs “reckless speculation”. But Shahid Afridi’s tactic and strategies failed.

Beyond this, Pakistan failed to relieve the moment of distress, the Indian crowd “wisely judged” that Pakistan will no longer recover.

Pakistan’s cricket history is a history of repeated injuries, victories and failures, “They have been very sharp as they were against Australia but also still capable of sudden, unexpected tragi-comedy as against Sri Lanka at the R Premadasa in the second half of the hosts' chase and today. Overall, they have been considerably better than before, in particular with the energy they have brought on to the field. But there is much, much more to be done.”

3. Albeit the sad fate, we had witnessed a moment of Unity among every Pakistani the power of cricket to defy ethnicity, creating harmony in a brief moment, exuding the air of respect and sanctity of nationalism. India’s victory over Pakistan, shouldn’t be considered as “the most decisive single event” in the history of Pakistan cricket, this is just the beginning of another journey to the “far lakes” where one traveller is exposed to the bustle and activities, the remarkable circumstances of this journey its overwhelming success or failure and the national importance made it a partial and essential part in the life of every Pakistani.

Although the best team triumphed , Team Pakistan showed humbleness in the eyes of defeat as what my Indian friend had said “but Pakistan was gracious in defeat i love them, they earned so much respect considering what they are going thru, Pakistan did fantastic”.

To Team Pakistan this might not be the best game ever played (not yet) you are a team to reckon with ,  defeat is such a bitter word, but they displayed an ideal act of sportsmanship that is exemplary and they earned more than just a Trophy but “LOVE and RESPECT” from Manila Philippines! Pakistan Zindabad! Dil dil Pakistan. Jaan Jaan Pakistan!

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