Centre for Policy Analysis (CPA ) organized

Convention on Democratic Rights of Youth in Kashmir in Srinagar

By Assabah Khan

On 2nd of June 2012, CPA organised Convention on Democratic Rights of Youth in Kashmir. The Venue of the Convention was Institute of Management Rural Development and Public Administration in the Kashmir Valley.

On this Occasion one of the Speakers Mr. Siddiq Wahid Ex Vice Chancellor of Islamic University of Science & Technology and Currently Director of Kashmir Study Centre in Kashmir University quoted a brilliant example to bring out the real character of Kashmiri youth. Mr. Wahid said, as Vice-Chancellor of IUST he had the opportunity of taking a group of Kashmiri boys for a tour of India where they met various shades of political opinion including BJP. This group also had the opportunity of meeting with the Home Minister of India and at the end of session Home Minister of India asked for a photo session with the Kashmiri boys. In response one 22 year old Kashmiri boy refused to be in picture telling Home Minister of India that we are not here for photographic opportunity and I am not going to take picture with you. This is the real character of todays generation of Kashmiri Youth who can speak plane naked truth to the sitting Home Minister of India.

Ms. Zamrooda Anjum Habib of Hurriyat (G) faction of APHC spoke about resolution of Kashmir and stressed that Kashmir is not a developmental but a political problem and needs resolution politically. 

Ms. Hameedah Nayeem slammed the report of Interlocuters who advocated the trifurcation of state and integration of Kashmir with mainstream India. She labelled the report as cruel joke on Kashmiris.

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On this Occasion Mr. Yasin Malik Chairman of one of the factions of JKLF spoke about direct resolution of Kashmir. He also lambasted at US government for negotiating with Taliban and was apprehensive about the fact that it is going to send wrong signals to people who are waging unarmed and non-voilent struggle. He was fearsome that it will encourage voilent struggles around the world.

Mr. Sanjay Saraf of Yuva Lok Jan Shakti Party spoke about the summer of 2010 when 120 civilian unarmed Kashmiri boys were killed by the Indian security forces in Kashmir and not even a single First Investigation Report (FIR) has been launched by the Indian Government.

Ms. Assabah Khan Human Rights Activist and Journalist spoke about the demilitarization of Kashmir on both sides of Line of Control, and concrete Roadmap for freedom of Kashmir.
There was an interactive session organised between youth and Mr. Yasin Malik .

One of the Youth Mr. Suhail asked Mr. Malik that isnt he also responsible for dividing the pro- freedom Camp? 

Ms. Assabah Khan asked Mr. Malik that why he had not given any political space to women in his faction of JKLF when he promised the same to the group of Lawyers without Borders way back in 2006. She also questioned Malik that how he expected Indian government of acknowledging his democratic struggle when he himself had not conducted elections in his faction of JKLF since 1989 and remained there as Chairman without giving any political space to anyone?

To this query Mr. Malik replied that Muslim Khwateen Markaz was part of JKLF in 1989 to which Ms. Zamrooda Habib strongly reacted by saying that she has been founder of Muslim Khwateen Markaz and they have never been part of JKLF. 

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Some youth from Delhi misunderstood his message about Afghanistan that he was advocating armed struggle in Kashmir which he was not.

The 60 youth from Delhi expressed their solidarity with Kashmiri Youth and promised to spread the word about Kashmir in positive way. They also lambasted at Indian mainstream media for constructing half truths about Kashmir . 

The Kashmiri Youth in their interaction with Youth from Delhi said, We are a people who have lost their near and dear ones. Our mothers and sisters have been raped in the name of nationalism by Indian security forces. Our homes have been gutted. Our brothers have been disappeared. When we raised unarmed peaceful struggle Indian state responded by showering bullets on our 6 year old kids by labeling them as stone pelters. We are speaking today without fear because we have lost everything and we have nothing more to loose. 

In the end Director of Centre for Policy Analysis Ms. Seema Mustafa and Coordinator Ms. Anuradaha Chenoy took almost 20 recommendations from the Youth of Kashmir and also announced the framing of Youth Coordination Committee between Youth of Delhi and Kashmir.