dell pakistan

Dell Karachi Pakistan again brought an exciting roadshow in Park Tower, the company demonstrated its latest Ultrabook ™ Series – Dell XPS and Inspiron Ultrabooks With the new Dell Inspiron Oak.

Span in the park for two consecutive days, where they can try on the scene, laptops, and other interesting Dell products display processing to a Ultraworld experience.

“We have a number of promotional activities, which display on the tower in the park in 23 and February 24, 2013, Dell products. Addition to spot purchases to customers through the reservation to buy Dell laptop later”, Salman Katz meters, said Dell marketing experts in Pakistan. Also perform a variety of activities and games, such as minutes to win the citizens hour, there are a lot of distribution and prizes won, who took part in the amazing gift.

The roadshow is an interactive activity, people not only get the discount price of Dell’s products, but can also be put forward if they have any queries, and use all available Dell experts, product display, to test their availability.

On Sunday February 24, Dell’s regional manager – Pakistan, Mr. Shahzad Khan also attended the roadshow in Park Tower, specifically to speak to the media. He talked about the the new the Ultraworld experience of the people through the use of Dell Ultrabooks, consumer products, and how to optimize the IT industry in Pakistan.

Mr. Shahzad is excited to reveal the fact that the new carbon fiber structure Ultrabook ™ in 8 colors to choose from, and has a numeric keypad on the basis of, to provide consumers with more convenient usage patterns.