Degree and documents such as Nikah Nama is a very tiresome work and even after that you won’t get the result in fact you would feel that you have wasted your time and money on it. I am sharing my personal experience that the government work tests your patience to its limits. Unless you have some good contacts you won’t be able to get them attested easily.  I was very distraught with my experience but I decided to use an agent for all the degree and marriage certificate attestation.  Surely they charge some fee but it is very nominal compared to what you have to go through the whole process yourself.

Document Attestation Service Pakistan from Saudi Embassy

Here are the services OLY is providing

  • Nikah Nama Attestation from Saudi Culture Mission.
  • Degree Attestation from Saudi Culture Mission and Saudi Consulate/Embassy.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation.
  • HEC attestations and NOC’s.
  • University and other departmental attestation.

You have to be very careful about that and check before giving your documents to someone else. I am writing this because I don’t want people to go through the difficult government process.  I am sharing a procedure and the requirements for all the documents attestation and the agent which solved my problems and I was finally able to get all the documents attested. This procedure differs from country to country. The requirements and procedure I am mentioning here is of Saudi Arab only and 100% satisfied with the service of this agent. They go out of their way to help their clients and that is why they are so successful in what they do. I know that people are reluctant to hire an agent and they have their valid reasons. That is why you should follow some guidelines which are mentioned below.

  • If you are in the city visit their office personally.
  • Inquire about them and how they are going to provide you attestation services.
  • Only hand over the documents unless until the agent gives you the fulfillment of the supporting documents (i.e. Job offer letter, request letter etc)
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While in living Saudi Arab you need to some documents to be attested.

Attestation KSA Embassy - Islamabad


  1. Original Degree attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and HEC Pakistan
  2. Degree verification letter from the concerning university
  3. Original employment contract or the agreement letter attested from Foreign Office Saudi Chamber
  4. 2 copies of Passport (Colored), valid Iqama and CNIC/NICOP attested by the employer
  5. Letter for the request for the Saudi Culture Islamabad for attestation attested by Saudi Chamber
  6. Request letter for Saudi Embassy Islamabad for Degree attestation attested by Saudi Chamber

Saudi Embassy Documents Attestation
You need to send 1 set of the following papers to Saudi Culture through courier from Saudi Arabia after your company stamp

  1. 1 color copy of CNIC signed and stamped by the employer
  2. 1 color copy of Passport (1st page) signed and stamped by the employer
  3. 1 color copy of valid Iqama signed and stamped by the employer

Saudi Embassy Documents Attestation


When you are going to Saudi Arab for the first time you need your educational documents/degrees attested from the Saudi Embassy. Following are the requirements for your degree attestation from Saudi Culture/Embassy.


  1. Request Letter for Saudi Cultural Islamabad for Degree attestation attested by Saudi Chamber
  2. Request Letter for Saudi Embassy Islamabad for Degree attestation attested by Saudi Chamber
  3. Original Job Contract Letter/ Agreement Letter required, attested from Saudi Chamber and Foreign Office (Sample enclosed)
  4. Original Degree should be attested by Foreign Office and HEC Pakistan
  5. Degree verification letter from concerned University (sample enclosed)
  6. Original Passport, ID Card and Visa Slip Copy


  • HEC verification record should be same as per your degree, if your degree is in objection due to HEC record objection charges will be applicable.
  • Name and father name on Degree, Passport, ID card, Agreement letter, Reference letters and on Iqama should be same. Mismatch in name or spelling mistake is not acceptable.
  • Time Duration for attestation can be varying and there is not any kind of urgent way to get attestation soon.
  • Courier charges will be applicable if you want your degree back to Saudi Arabia after attestation.