Hello and Happy New Year from an American friend.  I hope your new year is one that offers both health, spiritual enlightenment and an opportunity to learn what you have gotten yourself into before its too late.  Take a look at that man beside you, the one who will some day hand you a bomb and tell you to kill yourself and, maybe, dozens of women and children, many Muslims.  Are you really sure he is who he says he is?  Like the "Al Qaeda" leaders in Yemen, you know, the ones who Dick Cheney decided to release for some unknown reason, are you, maybe, taking orders from someone like this?
You remember Usama bin Laden, do you not?  Remember why he said he had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks?  He said the Koran would not allow it. Does not the Koran say this is sin?  Look at poor Abdulmutallab, sitting in a prison in Milan, Michigan.  How do you think he was helped thru airport after airport, all run by Israelis, put on a plane full of Muslims, men, women, families,  going back to their home in Detroit, Fi AmanAllah, with orders to blow it up? 
Do you think the people who walked him around passport control at Schipol Airport could have only done so with the highly secure special keys available only to the security company running the airport?  Of course you know who these people are.   
Let us say you are in Afghanistan.  Did you ever wonder where all those brand new weapons come from?  Look at the markings.  Does it say "Made in India?"  So, you are heading into Pakistan to kill Muslims with your new weapons from Israel and India.  You think they were free? 
Imagine the laughter in Tel Aviv and Mumbai.
You believe you are acting in Fi Sabillah (for the cause of Allah)? Do you believe that America goes to war to make money for their defense companies and big oil?  Are you aware that much of the ownership of America’s military suppliers is from the Middle East?  Without money from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the money financing the bombs and planes, Islamic money, would there be a war?   
Many say they fight America because it is here, in an Islamic country, supporting a puppet government.  America is here to fight you, you are here to fight them.  Who is winning?  Will you want a government like the Islamic Republic of Iran?  There is now little difference between the government there today and the puppet dictatorship of the Shah.  Patriots are being murdered by secret police now as they were 40 years ago. 
Years ago, when America was cast out of Iran and hostages were taken, did not Iran turn to Israel to bargain with the Americans for weapons to trade?  Perhaps giving away your trust without opening your eyes to what can be seen is unwise. 
No matter if the US stays in Afghanistan or goes, India and Israel will control the country as they do so many others.  If they don’t, then China will.  Look at the map.  Only Pakistan has nuclear weapons, a powerful military and an elected government, albeit problematic and unstable.
You would destroy it and turn it over to India and Israel in the name of Islam.
Who do you serve?
Will you kill Americans to teach a lesson?  Does America care if its soldiers die?  When wounded soldiers return from war, they are treated like dogs.  America talks about how it loves its soldiers but it cares little more for them than it cares for you.  It simply kills them in a slower and more painful way.
Consider these things before giving your life and risking the lives of those around you:
  • You are likely working for people influenced or even paid by enemies of Islam
  • Your American enemies are people far more like you than many fellow Muslims
  • War and terrorism empowers the enemies of Islam and cripples unity and economic development among Islamic nations
  • If you believe killing and dying for your religion is your duty, you have little or no real understanding of the teachings of the Prophet  (Sallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam).
  • Learn the lessons of Vietnam:  stop fighting, let Americans go home, then settle your political differences among yourselves.  America will not return once they have left.
  • Accept the fact that, maybe in 5 years, maybe 20 years, your enemies will be your business associates and possibly your friends.  It is beginning to happen now but it is hard to see when you are still carrying a gun.
If you seek justice against tyranny, know you have allies around the world, many in America.  We can only define justice when we talk, when we listen.  We all know tyranny very well.  The boot of tyranny is everywhere.
War has brought a flowering of tyranny that may last a century.  Do we kill tyranny with more war? 

Senior Editor Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran and regular contributor on political and social issues. Published under bilateral arrangements between Opinion Maker and Veterans Today.

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