Dancing With the Stars’ Mark Ballas and the Iranian Two Step

By: Julie Mitchell

On February 8, 2012, Reuters, the Washington Post, and every other major news organization in the U.S. reported that Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, a 28 year old former U.S marine, had been caught spying for the CIA in the country of Iran and had subsequently been sentenced to death in that country. It was said that the Iranians had sentenced him to die by hanging, which “could” happen immediately after an Iranian appeals court had finished reviewing his sentence, and that decision had been expected on January 25. There was no explanation as to the reason for the delay. However, as it was reported, the Iranians were interested in a possible “prisoner swap” if a deal of some sort could be worked out with the Obama administration. Hekmati’s death at the hands of the bloodthirsty Iranians, it seemed, was imminent. And with that report the war drums being beaten in preparation for an invasion of the sovereign nation of Iran began to beat a little louder, all based on yet another lie. But it was a lie that they could not have picked a more inopportune time to tell. 

In early January, just a few weeks prior to this story of an ex-marine sentenced to die in Iran was reported, youtube terminated without prior notice the ‘Dallas Gold Bug’ channel, the one channel that up until that time had been devoted to the full exposure of this sinister conspiratorial cabal in terms of the falsification of news events of every imaginable sort.

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That act would prove to be the undoing of the fictitious story in reference to the fake marine sentenced to die in Iran. Upon the sudden termination of the body of work consisting of more than 240 videos that were to be found on this channel, the people interested in and studying that work in order to verify its validity were suddenly jumpstarted into overdrive, and Ed Chiarini’s, a.k.a. Dallasgoldbug’s, facebook page and e-mail inbox exploded with people rushing to his defense and support. And from that moment on, as it is said, everybody was watching.

The evening before the channel was terminated I had decided after weeks of pouring over the work that I had seen enough. There was no doubt in my mind that this man had stumbled over the biggest story/conspiracy in human history, the mother lode, so to speak, and I stand by that contention, for what it’s worth. On the particular evening in question I set out to share that work as far and wide as I possibly could, and when I got up the following Saturday morning to begin once again sharing the work I was utterly flabbergasted when I pulled up the channel on youtube only to be informed that it had been terminated due to “numerous complaints of copyright violations.” My response was to immediately find Dallasgoldbug’s, a.k.a. Ed Chiarini’s, facebook page and send both a friend request and a message asking if there was any way that I could help, because any human being with even a modicum of capacity for critical thought who had spent any significant amount of time with that work knew instantly that there was one and only one reason that channel had been summarily terminated, and that was that the information available on it, as unraveling as it was and is to the entire fabric of the matrix they have woven for us to live in, was information “they” did not want us having access to. That was their biggest mistake.

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Following the termination of that channel, people began to rally around the cause, so to speak, and various individuals began uploading the videos to other channels. Eventually we were able to get some of them to stay up, although both Vimeo and Blip would subsequently censor the work as well. However, that particular action on the part of youtube had an additional affect, in that people familiar with what was really going on in terms of the majority of the national news began paying attention with a renewed focus. Unfortunately for the conspiratorial cabal, that was when the people involved in this massive conspiracy to manipulate the world on every possible level made the decision to run with the psychological operation that involved the fictitious story of the fake marine in Iran as part of the brainwashing of the American public in an effort to gain support for an invasion of Iran. The very instant the story broke Chiarini supporters began trying to ascertain just which particular actor they were using to play that role. Before the day was over they would have their answer, and that story essentially disappeared. 

As it turns out, the individual being referred to as Amir Mirzaei Hekmati in this particular fictitious news event was none other than Mark Ballas, who must have been in need of another acting gig as the one he had previously as Bristol Palin’s partner on Dancing With the Stars, ended, as can be clearly seen in these images.

Although this information has been out there since the day the story broke, not many people seem to have noticed it with the exception of those involved in its propagation, which has been enough to silence the lie up to this point. And while simply shutting down a psychological operation of this sort is definitely a positive step in the right direction, a full disclosure as to its complete falsity would certainly be preferable, and to that end I would encourage the readers to notify every local news organization available to them, in conjunction with sharing this particular article as far and wide as possible. What they are doing is simply something we have got to come to terms with and at least try to expose to the fullest extent possible, because this is the mechanism by which they are manipulating the world.

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The justification of the invasion of Iraq based upon the lies of the fictitious “Nurse Nayirah” in 1990 ended with the deaths of what has been estimated to be half a million Iraqis, and we would do well to remember that lives are at stake when we allow them to manipulate public opinion in the manner that they are