By Jacy Andrew

When you’re trying to make your eCommerce store stand out, you will generally turn to design as a way to set yourself apart from the competition. It’s not a bad technique. After all, eCommerce store success relies a great deal on the visual effect that the store has on customers. However, it can be tricky if you decide to customize your social media buttons. Social media buttons rely on instant recognition to increase the likelihood that your customers take the time to actually share a page on their social media sites. However, if you decide that you want to make your site truly unique, here are some things to remember.

Keep the Core Icon

If you do decide to customize your social media buttons, make sure that you keep the core icon. People know Twitter because of the little bird that they see. Facebook is the big F. These core icons will allow you to develop the button while still maintaining that essential identity. Removing it will actually make things more confusing.

The good part, though, is that even if you are trying to make your site stand out, you can change a lot around that core icon. Just as you can change just about everything except the frame on t-shirt website templates, you can change everything but that core icon. Be creative. Be expressive. Just keep that core in the center. Remember that that means that you shouldn’t change the text too much for letter icons such as Facebook.

Do Not Use Competing Colors

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People associate social media buttons with the colors of the platforms just as much as they do the icons themselves. This may not always be a conscious recognition. But if you change everything but the core icon and then use competing colors, you could create confusion. For instance, Facebook has a deep blue background with a white F. You might create a new Facebook button that has the F icon, but you should not use bright blue, the color of Twitter, or red, the color of Pinterest. Instead, find another color or hue that works in your total design. The one exception to this is if you are using a solid color scheme for the social media buttons where all of the social media buttons have the same color. In that case, make sure that the icons remain quite distinct.

You can customize just about everything in the web design of your eCommerce store. However, when you do come to social media buttons, you don’t want to risk losing the identity of the social media buttons. To prevent this, make sure that you keep the core icon intact. It should be obvious at a glance what the button connects to. You should also avoid using competing social media colors so that it’s obvious which button links to which platform. The one exception though is if you use the same color for all the social media buttons rather than an individual color for each one.