Countering anti-Pakistan propaganda

By Sultan M Hali
Friday, August 02, 2013 – Pakistan’s premier security agency ISI is a thorn in the side of Indian extremists as well as India’s infamous spy agency RAW. Although both these groups remain active in targeting Pakistan as well as the hapless Muslims in India, yet they try to blame ISI for all their misdeeds. Take the example of the inferno on board the Pakistan bound train “Samjhota Express”, which was sabotaged killing 59 Pakistanis but the Indians blamed ISI for the attack. Later, a serving Indian military officer and other members of Hindu extremist groups confessed to the crime.

Recent admissions by a senior Indian Intelligence officer through a signed affidavit to the Indian Supreme Court have revealed that the heinous crimes of attack on Indian Parliament building in December 2001 and Mumbai attacks in November 2008 were also planned and executed by the same RAW-Hindu extremist groups nexus and ISI was blamed for it have exposed the atrocious plot.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and other extremist Hindu groups in their fresh propaganda campaign have shamelessly insinuated against ISI for its alleged efforts to reactivate terrorists’ network in India to launch dedicated attacks on Hindu leaders. The entire framework of Indian propaganda machinery, which comprises not only RAW and extremist Hindu groups but also its Intelligence Bureau and its volatile anti-Pakistan media have been making baseless allegations against ISI. Readers may recall that both in the case of the attack on the Indian Parliament Building and Mumbai attacks, even before the attacks were concluded and a formal inquiry conducted, Indian media was screaming murder blaming Pakistan and ISI for the crimes.

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The recent accusations are that Pakistan (ISI) has decided to reactivate its networks for carrying out simultaneous attacks on Hindu leaders and their establishments in several cities across the country and that detailed reconnaissance of targets has been completed.

It is being propagated that since RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat is faced with a high degree of threat from ISI therefore the respective states (visited by him) must provide adequate security, arranging fool-proof security ring for RSS chief when he is travelling in their territorial jurisdictions.

IB and Indian domestic media also suggested to Indian government that in view of current security situation and looming threat of ISI backed terror outfits, full precautions must be taken.

Reportedly the states have been put on alert following the IB warning. The RSS chief is presently touring cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Salemabad, Jodhpur, Meerut and Solapur. He has been provided with adequate security arrangements.

Indian media and intelligence agencies keep on coining negative themes to show Pakistan and its intelligence agency ISI in bad light.

It should be crystal clear to any unbiased and neutral observer that Pakistan is deeply embroiled in serious problems accentuated by the war on terror, which have taken a heavy toll of over 40,000 precious lives. Due to international financial crisis but exacerbated by the terror attacks, Pakistan’s economy is in doldrums. Advisories are issued to foreign diplomats and other visitors to Pakistan to either stay away or exercise extreme caution.

Terror attacks, targeted killing, suicide bombers striking with impunity, sectarian carnage and jailbreaks to free incarcerated terror mongers have become the order of the day. Under the circumstances, ISI and other law enforcing agencies of Pakistan have their hands full trying to keep the terrorists at bay. It is a mammoth challenge, especially because ISI has unearthed plots by RAW and funded by Hindu terrorist groups using Afghan soil under the garb of development projects to destabilize Pakistan and foment insurgency in Balochistan and FATA as well as target terror attacks in Karachi and the rest of Pakistan.

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The lethal combination of RAW, extremist Hindu groups and volatile Indian media have wreaked havoc on Pakistan, sparing no avenue to malign Pakistan. Following the Chanakyan principle of “tell a lie so often that it appears to be the truth”, the noxious triad has painted Pakistan and ISI as “terror mongers”. The outstanding sacrifices as well as hard work of Pakistan in engaging and apprehending terrorists are oft forgotten in the incessant barrage of propaganda. So much so that Pakistan’s major allies in the war on terror, namely the US and Britain also fall prey to the heinous smearing campaign against Pakistan. President Obama went on to inaugurate the refurbished TajHotel in Mumbai, which had been the target of self inflicted terror attacks executed by RAW and Hindu terrorists. Former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, during her visit to the Indian capital, fell prey to the vicious campaign and issued stern warnings to Pakistan. Both these top US leaders must be feeling sheepish after the admission of Indian intelligence operatives that the terror attacks in India, were in fact choreographed and stage managed to legislate anti terrorism laws empowering Indian security forces to violate all human rights and have a free hand against Indian Muslims especially Kashmiris.

It is obvious that the fresh warnings based on IB plot to blame ISI are baseless and out of sync. There is however a method in the madness. Numerous corruption scandals, especially in Indianarmed forces, the wave of moral trepidation, which has resulted in thousands of rape cases including targeting foreign women visiting India, have shaken up the Indian establishment. In order to thwart attention from these deplorable and despicable scandals and crimes, India’s favourite target Pakistan and ISI are being propped up with concocted tales to whip and lynch them. Indian domestic audiences tend to believe such mass fabrications and the onus is on Pakistani Foreign Office, opinion builders and media to expose the odious Indian machination.

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Unfortunately, the current political dispensation at the helm of affairs at Islamabad, comprising traders and shopkeepers is bent upon restoring trade ties with India, brushing the core issues under the carpet. The media on the other side is blindsided by the glare and gloss of Indian filmindustry thus it is loath to criticize Indian conspiracies against Pakistan and its state organs. Such a suicidal tendency by Pakistan must stop.