Will global war on terror ending soon (GWOT)? This is the question which is prickling the minds of the think tanks those have followed Brussels and London conferences. The major actors of this war are America, NATO countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan. But Israel and India have dragged themselves into global war on terror for promoting and projecting them as future regional powers. Americans are interested to depute them as regional watchdogs too but   Pakistan probably will never accept the extending role of India in Afghanistan. According to the news, some of the participants of London conference are interested in asking India to train Afghan forces.

President Obama earlier declared during his visit that withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan would be started soon. On January 28, 2010 he has also mentioned the final deadline of departing from Iraq. American led ISAF Forces have already decided to leave Afghan region which will also cause regional instability. Thus there is a need to transfer the government to the actual custodian of Afghanistan.  Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi while addressing on last day of the 70 members of London conference offered that Islamabad is willing to provide training to the Afghan Force and Police too. USA and her western allies should consider Pakistan offer in the light of Kabul and Islamabad cultural and religious relations with each other. It is worth mentioning here that masses of Afghanistan would also not like to be trained under the umbrella of extremists Hindus.
On January 27, 2010 while addressing two-day session of NATO’s Military Committee Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani emphasized that the NATO countries to realize Pakistan’s perspective for the region must understand Pakistan’s strategy and perspective on region’s security situation. General also asked NATO Chiefs for intelligence sharing about he culprit too. It is notable here that Pakistan has suffered major damage in the shape of lives and materials. American and NATO countries probably are aware of it now that Indian and Israeli have their own agenda of targeting Pakistan, Iran and China. Thus, USA and her allies must keep in their minds that Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Iran might land in some conflicts   after their leaving of the region. Therefore, it is the need of the time that Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and China should be the only countries for playing their roles in the regional stability on the end of the GOWT. In case USA and its allies impose the role of India and Israel on Afghanistan issue then perhaps GWOT would not going to be end and would prove another disaster for the world.
London Conference has also agreed to the Afghan Government in which she   presented a number of initiatives including fighting corruption, reaching out to ordinary Afghans who have fought with the enemies of Afghanistan, and growing the Afghan Security Forces. The main point of the purpose of the plan is that $500 million dollars will spend to lure Taliban fighters. The jobs and economic incentives will be given to those Taliban who are ready to leave militancy. ATO Secretary General claimed that, “This mission can and will succeed, and 2010 will be a critical year in making that happen. In that context, the London conference is of crucial importance”,
 But Taliban leadership has rejected the agenda of the conference and Afghan government offer. In a message posted on the website they said that their fighters wouldn’t be swayed by financial incentives because they were fighting not for "money, property and position" but for Islam and an end to the foreign military presence in their country. The stance taken by Taliban seems to be quite closer to the reality. In fact, Taliban are holding 75 % area of Afghanistan. American and NATO forces seem to be having double standards in relation to Afghan Issue. On one hand U.S. special representative Richard Holbrooke said that USA will support Afghanistan for resolving the issue but practically they are increasing the forces in Afghanistan. In this connection the Secretary General on progress before London conference stated that NATO-led mission in Afghanistan has been further strengthened. He furthered revealed that Germany will add up to 850 soldiers, and make a very substantial contribution to the training mission. Romania’s also said that 600 more soldiers and other new contributions likely to be announced in the coming days will substantially strengthen the NATO-led mission. These troops, on top of the 37,000 new forces from 36 countries already flowing into Afghanistan, are a clear demonstration of NATO’s solidarity and determination to accomplish its mission. The addition of more troops in the current state would move this strength to more than 150,000 troops.
The reconciliation and peace efforts in Afghanistan are not possible without including Taliban in the conference. Taliban also knew that present puppet government came into power on the order of USA administration. Earlier launched plans have been failed to win international backing due to a lack of resources and political backing.  The problem of regional insecurity has been increased due to Indian, American and Israeli influence in Afghanistan. They are using Afghan territory against Pakistan.
In short, NATO and American if interested in culmination of war on terror then they must ask India to stop interfering in Pakistan, Fresh elections under the arrangements of UNO be conducted and government should be handed over to the majority. Security concern of Pakistan should be rectified for establishment of permanent regional peace. Indian role be minimized and her 17 conciliates should be closed immediately. American has spent 41 billion dollars in the recent seven years. Besides incurring huge economic losses, Pakistan is also spending 1.7 billion dollars as additional amounts on elimination of the militancy. The depleting economies of Pakistan and its allies have started bleeding. Talks between Taliban should be preferred in resolving the issue. In this context Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran can play their positive role in convincing Taliban for resolving the Afghan Problem. Drone attacks should be stopped now for creating confidence in the tribes. NATO and ISAF should learn from the success of Pakistani security forces and ‘3 Ds” policy of the government, implemented for elimination of terrorism in the country.

Zaheerul Hassan is a regular writer for Opinion Maker