By Zaheerul Hassan

Cameron and Manmohan

US secretary of State Mr. Robert Gates recently while talking to the media has stated that leakage of documents damaged the reputation of Pentagon. He also added that leakage of information may cause damage to the lives of the American soldiers.  Disclosures of entropy turned out as matter of concern to U.S and Pakistan. However, detailed review of the situation of last few months clearly showing that leakage of concocted secrets are by design. The sponsors of Julian Assage probably were failed to estimate the aftermath of releasing of the fabricated stories against Pakistan and its security and intelligence agency ISI.

In fact these leakages have raised many questions;

  • Is it an effort to drive a wedge to widen the gap between Pakistan and the US, the two frontline allies fighting global war on terror?
  • Can Pentagon’s security be compromised by one hacker?
  • Why the leaks have been exposed at a time when U.S congress elections are not far away?
  • Why Pentagon and CIA remained silent from 2004 to 2009 despite knowing that ISI has relations with Taliban?
  • Despite the fact, that CIA had sufficient information why it has not been able to hit Osma Bin Laden, Mullah Omar and other important leaders their locations knowing despite why available information have not been shared to her counterpart?
  • Are the sponsors of these leakages trying to damage democrats in the forth coming elections?
  • Has the U.K tried to kill two birds (U.S and Pakistan) with one stone?
  • Have Israelis and Indians successfully penetrated the Pentagon and policy makers of U.S?
  • Is U.S acting upon the policy of “carrot and stick” with Pakistan, her important ally?
  • Are there some differences over Afghan policy that persist between Pentagon, State Department and CIA?
  • Why since 2006, Washington has kept on hiding this information from the public?
  • Is this information really credible enough to believe?
  Protecting Pak Nukes

We can find the answers to the above narrated questions when we study the statements given out in the past few months by the political and military top brass of the main players of war on terror. For example, few months back General Mullen the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of state Hillary Clinton prior to publishing of the leaks claimed that Osama and Mullah Omar are in Karachi. Moreover an Iranian news paper with the help of “RAW’ office of Zahidan also aired   a news  stating  that a former senior member of the militant group says Pakistani security forces are harboring the fugitive Taliban leader, Mullah Omar in Karachi.

Both Hillary Clinton and Admiral Mullen in their recent visits to Pakistan, commended Pakistan’s military forces for their efforts during their recent visits to Pakistan but true to their character kept on harping the old rhetoric of ‘Do More.” Later, same theme was picked up by U.K, India and Afghanistan who alleged Pakistani government, ISI and other security agencies for fomenting terrorism in Afghanistan.

According to Associated Press report on July 29, 2010, British Prime Minister David Cameron while visiting India accused Pakistan of aiding terror groups. He stated, “no one doubts, least of all the Pakistan government itself, that there has been in Pakistan — and there still is in Pakistan — terrorist organizations like LET and others which need to be cracked down upon and eliminated,” similarly Indian Prime  Minister Manmohan Singh also joined his counterpart for blaming and thrashing out Pakistan. Probably both the leaders have followed the same dictated line while discussing regional security situation. U.K PM forgot the roll of Pakistani security Forces and legend intelligence agency ISI.

  US: Jumpstart the Economy!

What is intriguing that the convenient manner in which the Indian state terrorism has been completely ignored where India in Kashmir is killing women, children, old and all those who come their way.  Likewise the Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Maoists, Tamils and other religious minorities are being targeted. Cameron should have had the moral courage to ask Manomohan Singh if Indian government had taken any action against 120 extremists Hindu Organization that terrorise all non Hindus in India. Hindu terrorism is on the rise and they want demographic cleansing of India including Indian Occupied Kashmir.

In fact Cameron alleged Pakistan just for a paltry gain of some dollars. To secure a deal of 1.5 billion US dollars was the main focus of Cameron.

It’s not understandable when they criticize Israel for atrocities in Gaza, how can they not see the atrocities in IHK where every day bodies of innocent are falling. Even today, 15 persons including one nine year old were killed. India is far too ruthless when compared with Israel but the world community turns a blind eye for its own compared to Zionist Israel that’s considered a terrorist state.

For economical gains, pressurizing Islamabad and pleasing India sounds way cheap, this exposes the inner character of a person. He tried to build on wikileaks that besides other things is further damaging the US more than Pakistan.

Interestingly five years ago, Britain was the 5th largest exporter of arms to India, today, it is the 18th. Exports to India dropped from 6.4 billion pounds in 2008 to 2.9 billion, a drop of $4.5 billion in 2009. U.K leadership might have studied the causes of deterioration of economic relations. Obviously in last few years the dramatic improvements have been noticed between Indo-U.S relations. India and the United States has become one of India’s most important allies and trade partners. The growing ties between India – U.S have defiantly created alarm and dent in U.K economy. India is also going to buy 57 Hawk advanced trainer jets from Britain in a deal worth nearly $1.1 billion.


However on the issue of Cameron statement Pakistan reacted angrily, saying the statement undermined the importance of its role in the fight against terrorism. Thus, we can say that fake leakage of documents is just a pressure tactics against Pakistan. The current situation reminded me two occasions   first, when former Sectary of State Powel produced fake documentary evidence prepared by CIA in United Nations but later on confessed that the same were factitious. In another occasion during Vietnam war CIA spread rumors and fabricated stories.

Thus under the current scenario one can comfortably say that leakage of documents have been carried out by design and baseless allegations have been leveled against ISI and security forces. The quick look of the data too proves the fact that there is very small portion of the leakage is showing connection of ISI with the Taliban. I think if it’s true that ISI was having connection with Taliban nothing wrong in it. In fact CIA and ISI were the organization who defeated Soviet Union. The digging out the data of Wikii leaks reveals that out of more than 90,000 classified US documents, only about 180 mention ISI and only about 30 or so charge the legendary Pakistani spy service of wrongdoing in Afghanistan.