The virtual office – a fast, innovative and transparent place to work – is changing the face of commercial businesses in Pakistan., being amongst the first to notice this shift in trends towards such offices, is lending them a huge helping hand to grow.

Virtual offices provide the facilities to run a professional business without the costs of a full-time office. With a virtual office, you get a whole range of services such as a business address, telephone answering in your company name, a dedicated receptionist, access to meeting rooms and business lounge and lots more. Your business gets pay-as-you-go access to services and other facilities, so you can be a tycoon in your industry without having to bear fixed and variable costs., Pakistan’s best real estate website, has identified this need for virtual offices and hence collaborated with THBC Center to showcase their properties on its website. THBC has a large number of offices in the metropolis city of Karachi where there is great demand for these. Moreover, with the tech-savvy generation of Pakistan, launch of 3G & 4G mobile services, and more businesses going online, the booming demand for virtual offices was evident.

Jawwad Khan, Co-Founder of THBC, states: “THBC virtual offices are a new trend in the Pakistani market, allowing clients to move freely and only pay for the office when utilized. This ‘pay and go’ method has helped clients save large amounts of money. Since the launch of THBC, we have been working with where we hosted virtual offices on their website. An overwhelming response has been achieved in just two months of our advertisement and we were taken by surprise to see how many people in Pakistan are ready to avail virtual office services. has worked like an advertising agency, spreading THBC’s message under low cost.”

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With unlimited flexibility, ability to control your costs, a consistent customer experience with a receptionist to oversee all your services, a strong corporate identity and lastly peace of mind knowing that you will get to take advantage all of these services at low cost, virtual offices are increasing in popularity in Pakistan. If you want to own your business and be your own boss, make your dreams come true with a virtual office.