Uncle Sam's warColour revolutions

 By Sidra Khan

Historically, warfare has been an instrument of economic con-quest. The US state department alongside the Pentagon has informal ties with the IMF, Oil giants, Wall street and the World bank which have played a key role in the process of stabilizing/destabilizing national economies.

There has been a consistent US foreign policy from Truman till the Bush and now the Obama era. The neo-cons have described it as ‘’the long war’’, a global economic and political domination. From the ‘’communist threat to the ‘’Global war on terror’’ the policy remains the same: ‘’a war without borders.’’

Pentagon and the US state department, the consensus has prevailed throughout, the continuous U.S sponsored theater wars, ‘’civil wars’’, covert operations, coups d’états, regime change and the ‘’color revolutions’’.

In China (1989),the CIA wanted to topple Deng Xiaoping in the favor of Zhao Ziyang. Plan was to theater a coup with veneer legitimacy by organizing street protest similar to acknowledged pretense of Mohammad Moassadegh in operation Ajax 1953. The only difference here was Sharp had to deal with a mix of pro Zhao and pro US to make it look like a real revolution. Fortunately Sharp was arrested by Deng and expelled via Tiananmen Square. But that didn’t stopped Sharp from experimenting his theory further. He set up training camps for young activist with the purpose of organizing coups. He got few successes in Russia and Baltics but 1989 was the time Gene perfected the art of color revolution when he overthrew Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic.

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After President Hugo Chavez ruined an oust in Venezuela upon the exposures of the part and framework for gene sharp the last suspended the Albert Einstein station which served as a spread and went ahead to make new structures. We saw them at work especially in Lebanon (cedar revolution) Iran (green revolution) Tunisia (jasmine change and Egypt (lotus revolution).Such movements have had a measure of success, as for example in the former Yugoslavia’s Bulldozer Revolution (2000); in Georgia’s Rose Revolution (2003); and in Ukraine’s Orange (2004).

Principally color revolution is to unearth the dormant nuisances, political machinery to hold responsible for, controlling of youth according to Freudian patricidal picture, systemize a coup and lastly demonstrate that government was brought down by the people.

Internationalsociety very easily has swallowed these stage possibilities, primarily because of worry concerning therabble and the natives. . Meaning that the precise lotus revolution trulyboiled atTahrirSquare in Cairo, organizing the mass, while the near ratios of Egyptian people were quite less.Reason could be as there is a lack of clarity to the word “revolution”. A genuine revolution in social construction takes place after quite a lot of years while a color revolution is a regime revolution that occurs within weeks. The other requisites for a unnatural change of leadership devoid of social renovation is coup d’état. In Egypt it’s  clear , not the people that pushed Hosni Mubarak to resign but US ambassador Frank Wiser who endow him the order.

An odd abnormality is sensed with respect to Syria also. CIA had put huge efforts to locate young Syrians that could chant the revolutionary slogans in the streets of Damascus and Aleppo. Surprisingly we hear Barrack Obama, David Cameron and Angela Markel who are singing for regime change aka revolutions choruses from their respective foreign offices.

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The secret part is a present day science used to control emotions and go around segregating acknowledging. History demonstrates that, to an extraordinary part of the power tip top, humanity is seen as a gathering of nerve endings to be pushed and pulled confined or the distinctive, all over there made to tremble in alert, occasionally made to salivate like Pavlov’s pooches. These days the control is so pervasive, so unnoticeable, that even decisive individuals at times automatically fail to distinguish how often or in what context they have fallen prey.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Sidra Khan is a student of International Relations at NDU Islamabad and an upcoming scholar.[/author_info] [/author]