JihadistsChanged trend: alleged “Jihadist” attacking Muslims and now Christian community’s,too ? ?

By Sethi Mushtaq

” It becomes hard to digest how could the so-called Muslims Jihadi Networks, benefit the cause of Islam by causing death and destruction and destabilizing Muslim countries, as “Jihadis” ? Seeking regime changes with implementation of their own brand of Islamic Sharia?

Here seriously, one wonders whether in Islam it is permissible for Muslims to launch Jihad against practicing, Muslims and Non-Muslim innocent people ?… NO ! “

Not ever once was it heard or seen during the complete period of more then a decade old, so-called War On Terror (WOT) launched and led by the US/NATO ,in the aftermath of the sad incident which befell on 9/11 in 2000;that the so-called Jihadist groups said to belong allegedly to a Muslim terrorist network called Al-Qaeda and it’s affiliates operating mostly in the Muslim bloc [Strangely] attacked anyone else then Muslims people,their governments and that too in Muslim dominated countries !

However with the passage of time gradually the above continued trend gave birth to the questions in the minds of many of the global researchers analyst and writer around the globe,as to why are Muslim terrorist killing their own Muslims brethren in Islamic countries and terming it a jihad ? especially when the terrorist acts benefited not the Muslim community,but rather on the contrary it met with the western forces Geo-political,strategic and economic global interest being met quite satisfactorily. Eventually,this aspect,made most arrive at the general conclusion drawn,that these groups had to somehow be linked with the western powers and were being propped up and supported by them to meet their global dominance planned agenda.


Strangely,now a visibly changed trend is being witnessed in this so-called Jihadist movement taking place around the Muslim bloc in the aftermath of the 9/11 incident.The so-called “Jihadist” group known as Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels, comprising of mostly foreign mercenaries with links to Al-Qaeda, has undeniably come to be known to be backed and armed by the US and it’s regional ally. These rebels, on the 9th Sept 2013, attacked a Christian village called Maaloula,causing death and destruction, marking the beginning of a new trend over the established one witnessed in the last more then decade of the WOT. Daily Mail UK.

Subsequently,another like-minded group operating in Pakistan, called Tehreek -e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) formed in the year Dec 2007,first time claimed responsibility for carrying out a deadly twin suicide bomb blast on the Sunday the 25th,Sept,2013,. The attack on All Saints church in the provincial capital of northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan, after a service on Sunday is believed to be the deadliest ever to target the country’s small Christian minority.Killing over 80 innocent and grievously injuring more than a 100 people. Daily Dawn.

The above two attacks in Muslim country’s,respectively were hardly spaced between a time period of two weeks of each other.

However,the biggest shocking trend changer came with the first time attack by the so-called Islamic Jihadist in Kenya,which is not a Muslim dominated country and where Muslims make up around 10 percent of Kenya’s 40-million population which includes a patchwork of ethnic groups.Some reports of the assault said militants singled out non-Muslims for killing and spared some Muslims.The so-called jihadist group called Al Shabaab, based and operating in neighboring Muslim country Somalia,linked to Al Qaeda,on Saturday the 24th September,2013,launched and claimed an assaulted on Westgate shopping mall located in Nairobi-Kenya and held it under siege for 4 day’s,killing over 60 and injuring many times more innocent shoppers,mostly Non-Muslims.The reason cited behind the attack by them was to demand Kenya withdraw its troops from Somalia, where Kenyan forces deployed in 2011 to strike at the group which Nairobi blamed for attacks and kidnappings in Kenya’s eastern area and coastline.

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Moving slightly away from the main topic,but relating to the Kenyan incident the most intriguing statement came from the Kenyan foreign minister, Amina Mohamed, who said in an interview with the Public Broadcasting Service’s News Hour program that the ” attackers were Americans,18 to 19 years old, of Somali or Arab origin and lived “in Minnesota and one other place” in the U.S. More so “The attacker from Britain was a woman who has “done this many times before,” Mohamed said. ” Global News.

Judging from her statement common sense suggests that Muslim clerics from the western country’s of whom these so-called Jihadis hold citizenship, must investigate whether they really converted to Islam to become practicing Muslims or were specially trained foreign agents/intels, pretentiously posing as one?

Because it is not only Kenya ,but practically wherever in the Muslim bloc there is terrorism such people have been found to be present and actively involved !

Apparently from the above the noticeable changed trend of Jihadist attacking Christian community’s living in Muslim country’s and now a Non-Muslim country for the very first time,by the so-called Jihadist,possibly could be an attempt to wean off and change the impression that they (west) supports them and also hoping to provoke anger amongst the International Christian community, against Islam and Muslims.

Resultant benefiting to gain sympathies and support of their own country’s people and Christian community at large, for their waged continued hoax war on terror beyond border….