Consequences on Pakistan.

By Ammarah Rabbani Rao

Pakistan’s prime minister made a statement regarding post U.S withdrawal scenario that, Pakistan has suffered a lot due to U.S-Afghanistan war and peace has to establish on western boarders. At national and international level Pakistan assumes responsibility for promoting a new reconciliation and initiatives among all concerned, with the current U.S Afghanistan war. In the period immediately after 9/11, Pakistan is the only neighboring country who abundant on-the-ground experienced turmoil’s insurgencies and deficits at all levels. However, expatriates are still burdening the economic and security sectors. Across the border war made Pakistan’s situation more chaotic than ever before and drone attacks are playing key role in order to destabilizing war against terrorism. Ruthless civil war is an emerging strife as a catalyst in Afghanistan and becomes a ‘volcanic brunt’ for Pakistan. Therefore, Afghanistan war is well into its fourth decade with a pointless position.

However, a report by an Islamabad based think tank shows that Afghan Nation Army and NATO forces operating alongside Pakistani border have become more hostile towards Pakistan than ever.

The Conflict Monitoring Center, which monitors anti-state violence and security situation in conflict zones, has revealed in its annual report that 745 cross border attacks took place from Afghan side during the year 2012. Out of which 371 cross border attacks (CBAs) were carried out either by Afghan National Army or NATO and US forces while rest of them were carried out by Tahrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and A-Qaeda militants hiding in safe havens inside Afghanistan.

However, there is a claim that Taliban’s are illiterate peoples and now U.S.A is blaming that they are using electronic and cyber warfare against NATO.  Al-Shahamat and Al-Emarah sort of web sites and magazines show suicide bombing carried out against Afghan and international forces, accompanied by audio of Koranic verses known as Nasheeds. Al-Emarah publish in English but mullah Umar and all afghans do not know English then who is operating those websites and magazines the main hub of internet is situated in USA then hoe they do not stop those web sites. It seems U.S.A wants to terrorize their people from Taliban. Similarly, If a researcher wants to research on holocaust then with a few days computer main hub centers locate his/her data and place and banned on that research. Then why U.S.A is not locating and stopping the Taliban’s computer network system? It seems that, America is eager to gain interests only branding the Taliban as terrorist.

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Western and Indian media are simply branding the armed opposition as ‘terrorist’. They must be a part of afghan society and need to be brought them to the negotiation tables. Whereas, U.S.A is striving for having dialogues and negotiation with Mullah Umar and other branded ‘jihadist’ then why they are still attacking on afghan groups on the name of militants? As, U.S.A had never been justified the military intervention in Iraq and now seems dramatic to explain war against terrorism in Afghanistan. And the harsh reality is that the UNO is least concerned in all this crucial and sensitive matter.

At Pakistan’s western boarder NATO is busy in drone attacks. This scenario made the peace possibility more elusive than it was in 2001. The situation became worst because of ‘blind drone attacks’ and carpet bombing on Afghans and Waziristan. Strategic and security Analyst believes that there are no pledges of international laws in drone attacks and it makes the Pakistan less secure than a decade ago. There is no other view that as per ironic means and by law Pakistan is directly under NATO attacks.

Despite that Pakistan is still fighting against terrorism own their resources. Although, show down would be inevitable but it does not need to be bloody by innocent Pakistani people and end result is more terrorism in Pakistan. It has always been proven that western of even any foreign intervention never had achieved their desire goals by invasion of Afghanistan. Thus, the long term ‘non violent’ strategy might be the fruitful solution as now a day’s U.S.A is doing so ever with the aim of negotiation. These channels could have established yesteryears. As a result, today drones are hardly any closer to a sustainable and long term achievement towards war against due to innocent killings in such attacks. Drones are working as jostle for power of terrorism because if ones whole family killed in an attack then one left has only choice and that is in favor of terrorist organization and firmly against the attacker. International media and research need to cope with this short-sightedness.

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American invasion of Afghanistan is another phase of brutal and unresolved turmoil. This second phase began after 9/11. Currently, United States of America (U.S.A) heavily against the Islamic fundamentalists as a part of afghan resistance. Primarily the Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and Jalaluddin Haqqani, founder of Haqqani organization were been used against ‘red army’ and now U.S.A is fighting against them. Now the scenario is worse than ever before. Therefore, Newyork frequently falsify the factual condition of Afghanistan. And never admits the Pakistan’s chaotic condition due to afghan insurgency. Pakistan has been facing many illicit overt actions from NATO and U.S.A likewise; 2nd may operation and Salala incident and Memo case.

Despite Pakistan’s strong reaction on Salala incident, hostilities from across the border continued unabated. The deteriorating security situation in Khyber Pakhtunekhwa and FATA is a result of tacit support for anti-Pakistan militants provided by the forces active across the border, which include Afghan National Army as well as NATO.  The report says that border areas along Pakistan of at least four Afghan provinces have become launching pads for anti-Pakistan militants of TTP. Moulve Fazlullah of TTP Swat chapter is roaming freely in Kuner province, organizing his cadres to target Chitral and Dir districts of KPK and Bajour Agency of FATA while militants in South and North Wazirista, Orakazai Agency and Khyber Agency have established their bases in border areas of Nangarhar, Paktia,and Paktika provinces. Despite Pakistan’s recent efforts in bringing Afghan Taliban to negotiation table, the armed forces across the border are increasingly becoming hostile to Pakistani interests.

Conflict Monitoring Center’s data shows that during 2012, NATO and U.S.A warplanes and helicopters violated Pakistani air space and also bombed in some cases for 53 times. The airspace violation took place six time in January, four times in February, eight times in March, four times in April, nine times in May, six times in June, one time in July, three time in August, five times in September,  six times October and one time in November. All but one of these violations took place along FATA border while one violation took place in Baluchistan.

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The year 2012 also witnessed unprecedented increase in cross border rocket and mortar attacks by Afghan National Army. About 305 such attacks during the year 2012 has recorded, which shows the level of hostility by Afghan National Army towards Pakistan. Month-wise details of these attacks are as under; 9 in January, 9 in February, 12  in March, 17 in April, 33 in May, 32 in June, 46 in July, 28 in August, 21 in September, 30 in October, 55 in November and 7 in December. The cross border attacks did not remained limited to airspace violation or shelling from across the border. Forces active across the border crossed into Pakistani territory a dozen times during the year. These incursions and cross border attacks can divert or at least alter the focus of Pakistani military and paramilitary forces. Pakistani forces in the area were deployed only to deal with the militant threat but now it has to adjust its focus to deal with hostile forces across the border. Some military strategist and analyst insist that the purpose was always to reinforce democracy and recovery in Afghanistan but the facts and figures shows an opposite posture.

Anti-Pakistan militants enjoying tacit support across the border have carried out 376 cross border attacks during the year 2012. On diplomatic front, the U.S.A wants Pakistan to play its role in bringing Afghan Taliban to a political settlement but in battle front, U.S.A as well as Afghan Army and intelligence are allegedly providing support to anti-Pakistan militants. This dual face policy may complicate things further for both side of the border. NATO’s decision of withdrawal by the end of 2014 has only to get vague the situation before world and to keep up their pressures. Today, increasingly numerous grassroots Afghans and perceive the west as an outside occupation and America or NATO is spreading this war across the border which might be bleeding wound once for them as Afghanistan was for USSR. This war is a pointless for America but purposely moving towards as turmoil for Pakistan.