By Huma Nawaz

9/11 is the day in the history that shook the whole world. The day changed the course of the history, for the last 10 years are still the Iraqi, Afghani and Pakistani innocent civilians who are paying the price for that. The country which suffers more than any other is Pakistan. The illustrious nation of Pakistan has gone downtrodden. Pakistan has sacrificed more lives than any other country in the world. We have lost more soldiers than Afghanistan, Iraq and US. More than 35,000 innocent people are killed and injured. From north to south, poor Pakistanis are being killed, while terrorists and Americans, by and large, are safe. US got panicky when few of its soldiers got injured in recent attack on US embassy in Kabul. When others die, the US is happy and calls it, 'colateral,' when Americans are killed then humans are killed; maybe Americans are more Human than others.

Besides thousands of civilians we have lost political leaders like Benazir Bhutto, the entire leadership of a relgious group was washed out in Karachi, Hakeem Saeed, a former Governor and founder of Hamdard Foundation was also killed; these are just a few names. The number of widows, orphans and disabled are on the rise every day in Pakistan. Scores of schools are blown up. Millions of people become homeless. Trillion of rupees have gone waste in so called war against terror. Billions of dollars are lost by securing our borders and by improving our national security. Besides the militant threat at national and international level the country has been facing many other problems like flood, dengue disease again a gift from the US to her frontline ally, Pakistan. The whole nation has been put tthrough an anarchy just for Uncle Sam's whims.


What US has done? How many schools have been shut down in US? How many leaders US has lost in the war on terror? How many soldiers of US have been killed? How many innocent civilians of US are being killed? How many people in US turn into homeless?

 Still US demand from us to do more? What have been left which this nation has not sacrificed for the so called war on terror? Has anyone ever thought that at the end who will win this war in which we are sacrificing our peace, wealth and our lives? US is snatching the right to live from others to protect its citizens. US, as a cover is trying provide justice and relief to approximately 3000 people who are being killed in 9/11 incident which was an inhouse act but more than 35, 000 innocent Pakistanis civilians and soldiers who have been being killed in the war on terror would ever find justice?