Hazaras protesting with their dead in Quetta

By Masooma Batool

Islam is a religion of peace and tranquility and is the only religion which preaches harmony and good moral values not only with fellow Muslims but non-Muslims as well. All the historians believe that Khulafa e Raashideen conquered different parts of the world and people watching great character and dignity of the simple rulers embraced Islam. Thus the followers of Islam can be found from Europe to Africa, Asia to Americas, and Australia to Antarctica. In order to spoil the image of Islam and stop it from being spread, Jews and Christians conspired. They had already tried to reduce the population of Muslims by fighting crusades in different ages and at different places but the Jazba e Jihaad of Muslims never let them win in their fowl play and they had to fail badly. Thus, they attacked this spirit of Islam, they created such people who were used the name of Islam for their evil and wicked activities. Being funded by the so called Super Powers and Imperialists they pretended to be Muslims with big beard and weapons in their hand killed their own fellow human beings in Allah’s name. The attacked ethnic minorities, the sacred places of sects, holy shrines, and holy places of religious minorities destabilized the states internally so the foreign forces could interfere in those states in the name of Peace Keeping Mission. Now, their names are so common, daily one can read their names in newspapers, every blast that occurs at any part of Muslim world is claimed by Lashkar e Tayba, Al Qaida Network, Hizbul Tehreek, Lashkir e Jhangvi, Tehreek e Taliban etc. The port folios of the leaders of such organization are a clear proof that they don’t have any link with any religion they are just brain washed and taught to create unrest thus their pockets would become full, their child would be educated in the most prestigious institute. Example of such a puppet is Usama bin Laden in search of whom Afghanistan is being thrashed, Waziristan and tribal areas of Pakistan have been in constant state of civil war.

  Pentagon sabotaging the White House

The need of the hour is to think as Muslims, irrespective of nationality, cast, colour and creed.

Allama Iqbal says and I quote:
Youn to Syyed bhee ho Mirza bhee ho Afghan bhe ho
Tum sabhe kuch ho bataao tou Muslamaan bhee ho?

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