Can a Theist run a Secular state,justifiably?

Volatire MoneyBy Sethi Mushtaq

In political terms, secularism is a movement towards the separation of religion and government (often termed the separation of church and state). This can refer to reducing ties between a government and a state religion, replacing laws based on scripture (such as the Torah and Sharia law) with civil laws, and eliminating discrimination on the basis of religion. This is said to add to democracy by protecting the rights of religious minorities.

What tends to escapes my comprehension and assimilation of the above definition is that ,how could a person,who has not been able to separate religion or religious belief and it’s practice from his own personal/family’s life, be expected to shun that and be considered to design,follow and implement secular laws ?

Just think wouldn’t it amount to him maintaining dual standards ?.I mean for instance,if I myself happened to be a theist,having belief and practicing Islam and also running the affairs of the state, wouldn’t I be deemed to be betraying my own belief and as a national leader at the same time be lying to the nation ?

Certainly, one could be a hypocrite,to attend the Church,Mosque or a Temple and follow the tenets laid down by his own religious belief and at the same moment claiming the separation of state law from them !

Seriously I do not believe,any Hindu,Muslim or Christian would have the courage legislate a state law which could be against the tenets of his or her religious belief and practice or for that matter a majority belonging to either of the aforesaid religion allow him to go against the faith they follow and practice in that country ?

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More so, how many Muslim,Hindu,Sikh have you heard of being popularly elected Executive head of state of those secular countries whose majority electorates are not from his faith or that their legislators ever legislated a bill which was against the beliefs of their majority populace faith and that there exists no discrimination present based on religious beliefs and for that matter color of skin or language ?

In my opinion bearing that double standard in mind,I feel only an atheist could be expected to run a so-called secular state and at that the question arises,how many head of so-called secular states,
are atheist ?