By: Ayesha Villalobos

For years, amidst the smoke of flames of drone attacks, the consequences of War on terror? the overwhelming misery and expanding poverty, People of Pakistan always debated the powers of their government, when under strong presence of Western pressure, the land rich state; autocratic governance and overwhelming presence of the ruling elite manipulated the nation’s resources. The government lack vital power and have been proven inadequate on the basis for dealing with the difficulties of genuine progress and social reforms , that Pakistan is seen as a virtually Western dependent state and not an independent Islamic nation. Thus it came to pass that Government in Pakistan had all but ceased to function toward political stability and economic growth and instead have become to infest and devour Pakistani society after another. The nation is suffering from a crisis of confidence and lack of loyalty toward their leaders.

The recent verdict of Raymond Davis created an outrage to the Pakistani society. A moral death and destruction of Pakistani identity. Protests started to crowd the streets, PTI‘s Imran Khan now calling out citizens to take the streets , admonishing that it’s time to be united and to participate in exorcising the forces of darkness . . Raymond Davis Case made a chapter in the History of Pakistan but it is to be considered a “black one”. Today, history will tell…..and it’s all up to the Pakistani people how they wanted it to be narrated in the coming future.

The strains of the nationhood no longer concealed by chaotic events, become painfully apparent .Discontent among the populace is evident .Government’s failure to establish a promising, progressive system of governance threatened the nations entire stability. The excitement of progress that permeates the air of 1940’s suffered radical changes within Pakistani society. The long struggle for equality and independence is still in progress, a struggle not only for socio-economic development but also a struggle to re-claim every Pakistani’s dignity, which the ruling elite always preserve much only to their own interests The idea that the human race could liberate itself from the force of gravity conquered the populace imagination .People simply ache for the restoration of harmony and for economic advancements’. The partition of 1947 had unified the people regardless of ethnicity, the ideology of a nation for Muslims created a sense of shared destiny, while observer around the world are incredulous about this unusual creation, called The Islamic Republic of Pakistan .Majority of the people exhibited an overwhelming sense of patriotism, honesty, simplicity, the rejection of wealth and luxury which Islam admonished upon every practising Muslims. However, it is natural though, that the spirit of patriotism will be challenge and would undergo a series of rebirth amidst the rising influence of capitalism and imperialism.

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Political bickering and cloudy government policy , brought  a general sentiment of patriotism along with the awareness of weakness that had made the country sank further into panic and paranoia .The nation now presents a scene of jostle and growl of bringing about change . The ideology of Revolutionary change brought about by vicious political scene, will open a wider door to popular uprising, the words of Iqbal reverberating “a free man keeps himself above the earth and attacks the world with all his might!“ The rise of the common man, battling the forces of the privilege and corruption destined to perpetuate change. The united strength of the common people bursting with energy, vitality and hope and under Allah’s divine providence despite the conflicting urges towards freedom and conformity, will soon resurrect the Land of the Pure, Iqbal said that he was a moth; the burning candle of Rumi consumed him, his earth was transmuted into gold, and her ashes were set aflame, today the candle of Iqbal is looking for moths, are you ready?

By: Atif F Qureshi (Author: Pakistan Manifest Destiny)

They say that it can’t be done. They say that change will never come. They say that our beloved country is broken. They say there is too little hope. They say that it is too hard. They say our people do not care enough. They say that no one cares enough. They are wrong. It is too easy to be dismissive, disillusioned and disenchanted and to enter the conclusion that the vested interests and governing classes are too powerful, and that change is impossible. Our leaders have dealt with fatal blows to our economy, to our people, to our dreams, to our hopes and to, our reputation and honour around the world. They have injected a sense of fatalism into the psyche of the people, creating an intellectual and spiritual despair that breeds extremism, a conspirational mentality and widespread ignorance. Poverty is epidemic, inflation is out of control and political and corporatist corruption is rampant. We are in a crisis that our visionary founders could never have imagined. We need change now, more than ever before. Let me tell you something that I fervently believe –and it is because I believe it, that I wrote this book.


If we have the necessary courage, hope, faith and determination, we can solve our problems. Faith is what we must cling to. Faith in Allah, faith in each other, and faith in our manifest destiny .We have been wronged, we deserve better, but only we can make the changes that we look for others to make. We have diagnosed our problems, and we know the cure to our ills. We just need to take the next step. Together, we can unleash a bright future, full of hope and aspiration, where we cast aside our fears, uncertainties and doubts, and make not just our country, but our whole world a better place. We are sent to this earth for a reason .To be righteous, worship Allah, and to leave this Earth a little better than when we came to it .How many of us can claim that we are fulfilling our responsibilities?

Some of us have been greatly blessed. Blessed with talent, prosperity and prospects. We are blessed with the kind of lifestyles of ease and security that is out of reach of the vast majority of the people .I know, I am. Well, to whom much is given, much is expected. We must face up to our responsibilities .We need to work hard and persevere in spreading a powerful message that will bring the changes that will ensure that more and more people benefit from freedom , prosperity and dignity. We need not tolerate indifference and incompetence from a government that is prostituted to special interests and foreign powers. Not anymore. Let’s be clear, such sweeping changes are not realistically possible through the sole efforts of the grassroots. Talking from the sidelines is cheap, and the only way to effect real change is through the struggle for high political office. Time is quickly running out for Pakistan. We need to eject an entire generation of spineless Islamabad politicians from the corridors of power.

They have failed .No more chances .We need new generations of politicians. The message is easy to understand, and it is popular. It simply needs to be transmitted to the masses. We need leaders who enjoy passionate, mass support to be united under a common patriotic cause with a clear vision for the future of Pakistan. Could you be a leader? Why not? The entrenched establishment will be wise not to stand in our way. We need a new kind of politics in Islamabad. We need politicians in office who will turn it from a city of comfort and relief for elites into a city of despair for them. Why? Because, in the despair of the socialists and inflationary capitalists, lies the hope of our beloved Pakistan. Right now all we have are power-seekers and pseudo-intellectuals who are as we speak, priming for further expansions of federal power, writing yet more pointless regulations, exponentially increasing corporate subsidies and welfare, printing money like confetti, creating more havoc and extremism in independent minded regions of the country, and worst of all, finding new ways to humiliate the poor mortals who only try to live decent, honest and law-abiding lives. We must have people striving for political office, who are dedicated to resurrecting the fallen remains of Islamic civilisations greatest days do not lie behind us, in front of us. The Holy Qur’an does not sanction or authorise socialism or inflationary capitalism. It is these ideologies that are immoral, discredited and reactionary. We need to rid ourselves of its shackles and set our people free.


Dear reader, you have the most important part to play. Absorb this message. Reflect on it. Understand it. And spread it. To everyone you can whatever way you can. If you, like me, are sick and tired of the status quo, then let us take a stand together .If not now, then when? How bad things have to get before we act?

No. Enough is enough. The stakes are far too high, and the cost of failure is already being felt in the pain and anguish of our people. But there is hope .Change will come. And we will be victorious. If we have faith, then we can prevail for the sake of Allah. So with Allah as our witness, let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected, that no one spoke out. May Allah have mercy on us all, and may He bless our Muslim brothers and sisters and our beloved Pakistan forever more .Ameen