When you just few years old, you parents start thinking about you future. Traditional parents always said, my son will become doctor or engineer.  But i listen very few who said that when my loved one grew up he will become a successful businessman.

According to my opinion the best profession in this universe is Business. Let me tell you how and why?

When we finish our high schools, most of them enroll in universities and after completion bachelor 0r masters degree. We start thinking to get a good job in Multinational , i think it’s dream of every fresh graduates. But it’s not his/her mistake  because the environment and their teacher always taught them to getting a good job is the only way to come true your dreams but in real sense only one profession can make your all dreams in reality and that’s business only.

Some myths about business:

You need experience

Experience is in real sense to do the same thing repeatedly. But my question is that how you will get experience of business while you are doing job. Right you will get expertise of one skill but business is something else. Is business just rely on skills? Obviously, not these are thoughts of unprofessional person but the one who have sense of business can never says that. You can hire a person for any type of technical work but you can’t hire a person to manage your business and to take decisions in right way. This can only be happen when you reached at a maturity level.

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A large Capital required

No doubt, for starting any venture we need capital and it’s also true that consistent cash flow required for growing any business. But now in twenty first century when technology makes many thing too easy. No you don’t need to collect a big amount of money. You can start with few thousands. There is a lot of examples we have who started business with few pennies and now they became  a billionaire.

Business is risky

Risk involve in everything. When you are doing job and if your company suffer from loss, first they will fire you. If you did any mistake which impact on company profits, they will immediately fire you. Once conflict arise between you and your boss. There is most probably that they will fire you. So it’s mean that risk is involve in every thing. We should not blame on only business.

Lack of Consistency

It’s true that your cash flows are not consistent in business like a job where you get a fixed salary and some times bonuses when you perform well in the task assigned by you. But we should remember the profit which we gets from business is many times higher than salary. We should compare our yearly salary with the profit earn from a business in a year is obviously greater than job.

24/7 Routine

While some pretend themselves as then want to feel clam in their lives. They thinks that you have to work 24/7 in business while in job you have a fixed routine like 9-6pm. It’s true that you have no fixed routines in many business but you work when you like to work.