By Jerry E. Davis

Building Bridges with WTPN started out as an idea for Lynn Nichols of Canada, and Co- Founder and Executive Director of WTPN, The first episode aired on May 1st, 2012. The premier episode with Ceylan Ozbudak, Aylin Kocaman, Ebru Altan and Ece Koc, Along with their guest Roger Landry, founder of the WTPN organization, set the stage for a platform of education, communication and a catalyst for reaching across the boundaries of global borders to connect all people of all races, cultures and religions.

Building Bridges has since hosted many interesting and knowledgeable guest such as David Aaron, Senior fellow at the legendary RAND Corporation, an internationally renowned think tank. He is the author of several books, has served as an advisor to U.S. Presidents, and was an ambassador to the OECD, Philip Jenkins, the Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Humanities at Pennsylvania State University, as well as a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion. Author, editor and columnist and also Majid Rafizadeh, Iranian-Syrian policy analyst, scholar, and human rights activist. He is ambassador for the National Iranian-American Council. Rafizadeh writes columns for Harvard International Review.

With guest of this stature and understanding, as well as many others, Building Bridges explores the truths, the myths and the facts about the situation the world faces today in many countries and extends this knowledge to the world in an unbiased, logical, intelligent way so that people from all walks of life may be able to dicern fact, from fiction.

The many men and women that devote their time, resources and energy to this program are driven, loyal to their beliefs and dedicated to bringing a state of peace, unity, brother hood and love to a world in which Darwinistic ideologies have played a big role in destroying the faith and human element within the scope of these very basic, yet imperative elements,  by dissuading those who are caught under their teachings, with little if any education and commentary to the contrary that teach true scientific fact and history to rebute this kind of Darwinistic mentality and thinking.

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Building Bridges brings to people a true look, a logical view and a scientifically based show in which egotism, traditionalism, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, and materialistic values can be discovered and looked at for what they truly are, dangerous.

Building Bridges is not a show just for those who are Muslim, or American, or Jewish or even Aethiest. Building Bridges is a show that anyone watching can clearly and factually gain information and insight into the problems that infect the populations of todays world. The poison ivy, if you will, of the wide spread propaganda, separatism, traditionalism, bigotry and manuiplulation that is carried out by those who would rule the world free of religious morals and values and that would try to discredit and destroy the unity of all mankind for their own personal ambitions. This kind of thinking is an even stronger reminder that there is indeed a higher power at the helm of the ship of humanity and that people need to be educated and well informed of these situations to be better prepared to make logical, rational decisions about the world each of us exist in together.

The aim of Building Bridges is to promote, peace, love, unity and respect throughout the world towards our fellow brothers and sisters that inhabitate this world. Through understanding, education, patience, and persistence, and a great faith in our creator, Building Bridges is bridging the gap that stands between different nations, people and cultures of the world.

Building Bridges with WTPN continues to provide people with an excellent source of information by bringing together the greatest minds of today in the areas of science, history, politics, religion, activism and also, through working with world reknown journalist, reporters and newspapers such as Ruth Eglash, Deputy Managing Editor of the Jerusalem Post, and Hani Hazainmeh of the Jordan Times and many other reputable sources around the globe. Both Ruth and Hani are deeply dedicated to the work they do in bringing truth, light and reason to all they investigate and report.

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Executive Director of Building Bridges, Ceylan Ozbudak, Political analyst and Peace activist with A9 and Harun Yahya, is an anti-Darwinist, anti communist, anti Marxist, TV and radio host for Building Bridges with WTPN radio and heads up the Building Bridges project. Ceylan is a dedicated Muslim, with very strong and truthful moral integrity, she has been highly educated at Istanbul and HarunYahya Univerities. Her knowledge and education of scientific and historic knowledge, a zest for the truth and a strong drive to eliminate hate, ignorance and bigotry in the world are truly an inspiration to all that work with her, and alongside her.

The vast resources and excellent knowledge and skill of those working on this project forge ahead daily, bringing one of the most important messages to all who will have the heart, mind and concern to listen.

Building Bridges with WTPN has a reach upwards of 20 million people possible in over 70 countries around the world through affiliated partners and outlets like facebook, online radio, many partner websites, and sharing of these programs continually as they are recorded and re-released on a regular basis.

HarunYahya organization, WTPN and A9 along with all that work, research, and spend countless and tireless hours of dedication to the quality and impact of Building Bridges, and the programs in which they work and contribute, only seek the truth, facts and reliability of the information that is conveyed  through Building Bridges, WTPN, A9 and Harun Yahaya, with the vast support foundation, faith and loyalty of those involved to make all this happen, it is by far, one of the most important, insightful, factual and interesting endevours in todays troubled times.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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